Essays on Management Analysis of Telstra Corporation Limited Case Study

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The paper “ Management Analysis of Telstra Corporation Limited” is an impressive variant of the case study on management. This is a report on the management analysis of Telstra Corporation Limited. Telstra Corporation is a telecommunication company in Australia. The report analyses and discusses some of the issues and strategies related to sustainability at Telstra. The report covers the role of organizational behavior at Telstra in relation to sustainability-related strategies and issues. The report also analyses human resource management practices at Telstra in relation to sustainability-related strategies and issues. It further analyses the role of international business at Telstra in relation to sustainability-related strategies and issues.

In addition to that, the report provides an analysis of entrepreneurship and innovation seen at Telstra. Lastly, it recommends the future strategies that Telstra management should engage in. These recommended strategies are based on previous analyses of the company. IntroductionTelstra Corporation Limited, commonly known as “ Telstra” is a leading telecommunication company in Australia. Telstra is also a company that provides media services within and outside Australia. In a nutshell, Telstra Corporation Limited specializes in the provision of a whole range of communication services both in Australia and in other parts of the world.

These communication services include mobile, internet, and voice services to their customers. Telstra is a fully privatized company. Having been originally owned by the Australian federal government, its shares were gradually sold to the public in three phases making it fully privatized. Telstra has succeeded tremendously in recovering its market shares on the Australian market over time (Bingemann, 2011). The other area of success by Telstra is customer service. Telstra boosts of excellent service to its customer base with the complaints from its customers have reduced by 3% in June 2011 in comparison to June 2010 (Foo, 2011).

Telstra is also a leading company in Australia in terms of technological advancement. By the end of 2013, Telstra is said to have fully digitalized its operations including online strategies that involved managing transactions digitally (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2012).



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