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Marketing Plan for Recruitment of Accounting Technician To Work in Patient Accounting Department of the of the MarketingPlan for Recruitment of Accounting TechnicianTo Work in Patient Accounting DepartmentIntroductionIn the modern era, the function of Recruitment is no less complicated and scientific than any other in the Human Resources function of the enterprise. As we shall see, a number of considerations go into the hiring of practically any candidate in an enterprise, which is the subject matter of this paper. DiscussionRecruitment is concerned with getting a number of suitably qualified and skilled people to apply for any available position in an organization.

The usual procedure is that the Departmental Head of the area where the position is vacant sends a hiring requisition to the HR Manager in the form of a memo or filled form outlining the job skills and specifications. Usually the first recourse is to try to promote someone from within to this position, failing which employees are asked to refer someone with the required skills to HR. If even that does not work out, a formal advertisement is placed in various newspapers outlining the requirements of the job and the desired skill set required to fill the position (Werther & Davis, 1995).

The HR Manager while making the advertisement will use the best wordings to attract the best available candidates both who may be unemployed as well as those looking to switch to better organizations. Sometimes the HR Department will hide its identity behind a P. O box number and at other times will ask that the company logo be printed clearly to attract the best candidates especially if the company and its fair hiring and promotion practices are well known in the industry. The best organizations usually advertise the following in order to attract the best available candidates for the organization: 1.

Details of Salary: Defined as a range depending on qualifications and experience. 2. Allowances and Deductions: The first is added, the second deducted from Salary. The result is the figure of Net Salary for the position. 3. Other Perks and Benefits: These may include OPD and Hospitalization Medical Coverage, Company maintained car with fuel, housing and other benefits commensurate with Company policy.

For an Accounting Technician at a hospital, the ability to learn the accounting system, meet and coordinate with patients, caregivers and hospital administration staff to discuss details of billed and received outstanding and advance payments is all part of the day’s work. The skills learned will include increase in knowledge and improved ability to present information in the form of charts, graphs, figures and presentations. Public relations skills, data entry and records management, technicalities of bookkeeping and even ability to type and drive may be needed.

ReferencesWerther, W. & Davis, K. (1995). Human Resources and Personnel Management, 5th ed. McGraw Hill.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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