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The paper "Market Size and Forecast - the UK " is a good example of a business assignment. Communicating about the concrete benefits of organic products to customers in a tangible way is important for the brands producing them. Given the fact that the market is flooded with brands of organic products, efficient communication of a given brand to its customers is efficient for the success of the brand (Emma Clifford 2013). Such brands enable the customers to know all they need at a glance. Sblended as a company that deals in the production and distribution of organic milk has responsibility for efficiently communicating the contents of its products to its customers. At the beginning of 2013, the scandal of organic food products being contaminated with horse meat or DNA severely affected the market for these products.

This dominated the news coverage for weeks making customers cautious of such products. After the incident, only half of the organic food consumers in the UK still have trust in organic food brands (Consumer Trust in Food 2013). This has affected several organic food brands including Sblended’ s organic milk products.

Almost two-fifths of the adult consumers in the United Kingdom advocate for stricter regulations in the organic food industry. This has led to strict requirements set to be met by companies dealing in this industry before they are awarded certificates for operation. However, more than a quarter of buyers suggest that organic food products are more appealing to them after the onset of this scandal. During the period between 2008/2009, the organic food market faced the start of a sharp decline. Sales in this kind of industry drastically fell by over 27% as customers started valuing their money more than before.

Customers could only spend on goods they considered safe and scandal-free. The decline period for the market for organic products finally came to an end by the onset of 2012. According to Mintel, s estimates, the sales for organic products increased by 1% in 2013. Several factors probably contributed to the rise in sales. Probably the rise of the UK’ s economy, the improvement in customer’ s confidence in organic food products and the rise of customer spending on organic foodstuffs.

With these factors constantly getting into play, the organic food industry may continue rebounding over the future years.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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