Essays on Consumer Behaviour and Brand's Role in the Purchase Case Study

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The paper “ Consumer Behaviour and Brand’ s Role in the Purchase” is an intriguing example of a case study on marketing. The customer is a lady who values her physical appearances. She also wants to be attractive like the other girls and she goes on her own to research different brands of eye makeup that are in the market. She followed, though unknowingly, the consumer information processing model as follows: The client buying process kicked off when she recognized that there was the essence of her being in fashion. She had to solve the problem by looking for the appropriate makeups.

She opted for eye makeup amongst other forms of makeup. After she had recognized the problem, she had to look for the most appropriate way of solving it. She looked at several websites, advertisements, and even blogs. She then evaluated and selected the alternatives of eye makeup that were in the market. She theoretically found a full set of brands. Then, she became aware of only the brands which are in the market (awareness set) like Stila, mac, Bloom, Shu Uemura, Kryolan, Kevyn Aucoin and Ben Nye.

From the blogs, she was able to consider various factors like their cost, beauty,   and availability. Then, she felt that Ben Nye had a bunch of desired attributes. (Makeuptalk 2013). While using the Ben Nye brand, she continued evaluating the results of its application and she got positive feedback from her friends and boyfriend. Did the Brand play any role in this purchase? The brand did not play a significant role in this purchase. Reason. This is evident when she researched from the website blogs and made her consideration based on their prices, availability and beauty results.

She finally made up her mind to purchase the Ben Nye brand since it had the properties she desired. So the customer did not focus on the brand but on the features associated with that brand. Implications for the marketing managerThe brand type is not a big deal. This means that the eye makeup companies should focus on the beneficial aspects of the product. Therefore, the manufacturing companies should ensure that they focus on how to make their products economical, available to many and have improved beauty results to the customers. The companies should be paying attention to social mediaIt is from these social media where the marketers will be getting the views from different users of the eye makeup.

The marketers will be able to know how their products are rated by the customers as compared with their rival products. They would also be able to know how to improve their products depending on the opinions of the bloggers. The clients are the inevitable marketersWhenever the clients are contented with the product, they would be praising the product even to the most remote places where the company might have never imagined of marketing their products.

In case the product gets praised by several clients, many buyers will be willing to buy the product expecting such beneficial features and this would eventually make the company earn more returns.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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