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IntroductionThis report seeks to establish a wide understanding of the concepts of management covered in a case study of Coles Retailers. This was achieved by a thorough reading of the case study and comparing the contemporary management concepts discussed in the piece of writing with those covered during the first and teaching modules. Having already established what concepts the piece of writing did cover, the report then analyzes the concepts not covered. I went on to provide a preview of what I found out as additional study. The report finally concludes on shading some light on the vitality of adequate understanding of organizations management. Concepts covered Management functionsThe case study is very conceptual in nature, and it ensures to make the charts of the progress that the company has made so far since the time that Wesfarmers took over, and the installation of Ian McLeod as Managing Director.

The whole report will cover up some of the key aspects that distinctively relate to the contemporary workplace. It is clear from the case study that Coles does maintain a high priority on strategic human resource management and motivation, and that the key resource is known to be people.

One of the main key tasks of Ian McLeod appointment was to be able to change the structure of the organization all the way from its toxic state to the one of engagement, loyalty knowledge and consistency. Planning tools, techniques and processes are also evident as Coles seems to give a clear picture with an intention of comparing to the Open Systems theory practice in relation to the impact of the energy systems and the negative impact.

Benchmarking techniques are mentioned in Cole case study with an intention of highlighting that the wastage and markdown are presently meeting the industry averages. Strategic ManagementThe conflict between Coles and Woolworths is highlighted in this case Cole counterparts his competitors per square meter sales returns before 2015. For a significant growth on home brand sales a forecasting attention is critical for the auxiliary product force. On the other hand the report also makes reference to the bargaining influence between the customers and the suppliers with optimizing the chances of the customers and suppliers engaging themselves in consistent debates.

It also deliberates the Coles practices for creating supplier demands. Information Systems are of central concern especially in the business revitalization, with adoption of a new automated ordering system minimizing both levels of inventory and items that are out of stock. Organizational ethos person centered in this case study Coles has engaged measures that make sure that its employees enjoy the job security confidence by preserving casual employees so that they are greatly reduced. By so doing, it will guarantee that hiring permanent employees within the stores will reduce the degree of consistency during their tasks, there will be a extensive Knowledge base, there will be more employee confidence and lastly the breach generated between the employer and employees will be abridged.

Almost more than half of the working crew in the organization has been made permanent and there is now guarantee that casual labors will be having to the least twenty four hours working in a month. With this execution, the degree of absenteeism has significantly abridged instigating a downfall in the degree of employee revenue.

Coles has adopted steps regarding how the employees can be made to focus their interest on the clients they attend to. This has been active over the staff growth where there is staff training twice every year. This has earned welfares since the sales have risen over the years. To make sure that there is inspiration; Coles devised a scorecard that assesses the participation and engagement within their staff. Who are graded and this increases their working morale as long as it is constrained within the ethnic objectives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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