Essays on Situation of Eastern Dairy Corporation Case Study

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The paper 'Situation of Eastern Dairy Corporation" is a good example of a management case study. This report analyses the environment, values, culture and the situation where the companies are confronted with different ethical issues. It also shows the importance of training within the business and the negative result for those companies that don’ t train their members. In addition, this case study provides an opportunity to workers on the decision-making process, where they compare their own decision-making methods in the workplace and deliberate on how dissimilarities in individual perception and value can have an impact in this process.

The case explains concepts that often exist in business ethics, comprising different ethical philosophies and Kohlberg’ s steps of moral development. Other factors, such as corporate culture and the influence of co-workers, impact the decision process of an employee. For instance, in this case, a college student by the name of George stein was working for the summer in eastern dairy and is faced with the tough decision of choosing between going to take out the filter from the piping of the plant or to permit the in-progress production of milkshake mixture to be polluted with maggots.

The action of leaving the filter was to let George’ s shift break from a job in time and save the company from the cost. Though this seems to be right, George is concerned with the children who will consume the milkshake. The workforce was unorganized, prompting George and other workers to work without the management members during the night shift. Workers in Eastern dairy don’ t care about following the hygiene procedure that is essential for the production of safe and hygiene milkshake for human consumption.

Out of this situation, it’ s so clear that the corporate has some management problems, such as the absence of quality management, quality assurance and quality control. Furthermore the corporate lacks modern safety, health and environmental strategies that would ensure acquiescence to desired standards like ISO 14004, ISO 14001, ISO 9000 & HACCP. Following the existence of ethical lapses, there is a need for managers to take control of their organization, and employees ensure a high professional standard and great ethical values.


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