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Executive summaryThe development of human resource policies requires the analysis of various concepts. The concepts can act as a starting point towards ensuring that the public image of the company is good. When developing the strategies regarding ethics, it is important to analyze the issues of operations, employment and other business practices that may be impacted by poor ethics. The paper also discuses the important strategies that needs to be addressed when dealing with social corporate responsibility policies. The strategies are mainly focused on building a good image for the company.

This is done through focusing on the needs of the society. On the other hand, the paper has identified various strategies that are important when formulating values for the organization. The values determine the public image of the company depending on the behavior of the employees. Sustainability issues identified in the paper are mainly for the purpose of ensuring the company promotes health practices that protect the environment. In conclusion, it is evident that the measures developed by the company in regard to the human resource policies are the driving force of the company.

It is recommended that the training of employees regarding the strategies must be done to ensure its success. IntroductionIn the current business environment, various factors can lead to the success or failure of an organization. These factors are not necessarily linked to the business but are important in the growth and development. The human resource policies are thus important when dealing with the issues of growth and development of a business. Ethics in business is one of the most important aspects of human resource management.

Poor ethical practices automatically lead to the failure of an organization (Huevel, 2009). This is despite the huge amount of resources a company may have. The public image of the company is usually determined by the ethics within the organization. No customer would want to be associated with any business that does not uphold ethical practices. The social corporate responsibility is also an important aspect of business and builds a good public image o the company. It also shows that the company is committed to improving the welfare of the people in the community.

The values that an organization upholds are also an important determination of success for the organization. The values define the organizational cultures which guides the aims and objectives of the company. Sustainability is also an important aspect of ensuring that the environment is protected. This is because most of the manufacturing process contributes to the pollution of the environment. The paper thus discusses the issues of ethics, corporate social responsibility, values and sustainability in relation to Coca Cola Company. AnalysisEthicsThe company recognizes the importance of maintaining good ethics while carrying out transactions (Coca cola Company, 2012).

However in order to strengthen the ethical standards in the company, several strategic issues have to be addressed. The company mainly relies on its customers for the purpose of generating revenue. This means that the company has to carry out aggressive marketing campaigns to reach out to the customers. In the sales and marketing area, ethics are very important. This is for the purpose of ensuring that the customers get to know the real information regarding the products of the company.

It is therefore important to ensure that the information used during the sales and marketing process is true and relevant to the customers. This is an indication of high standards of ethics as it gives the customers the freedom to choose the products they want to purchase. Unethical means could include use of false information for the purpose of attracting the customers. However the company must only use accurate information. During the recruitment of new employees, the ethical practices must be observed. This is because some of the candidates may be recruited after parting with bribes or other favors.

The area of recruitment therefore requires high standards of ethics. Only the best candidates should be recruited and the process should be free and fair. The reputation of the company may be damaged if the process is not ethical (Dembinski, 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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