Essays on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Changsha Rail Transit Case Study

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The paper "Cost-Benefit Analysis of Changsha Rail Transit" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting case study. This is a report detailing the cost-benefit analysis of the Changsha Rail Transit located in Changsha, which is also the capital city of Hunan. Hunan is a province located in south-central China. It will cover the impact of the ongoing project on the economy of the region and society. The values used herein are aggregated over a period of ten years at the standard discount rate of 5% that gives information on the net present value of an investment.

It is important to mention that line 1 and line 2 are operational and thus serve to shed more light on this CBA. Proposal The proposal seeks to construct a rail transit for the city that will connect the Changsha metro lines that are under construction. The planned Changsha metro rail is intended to have six lines operational and connecting the city of Changsha with the addition of a maglev aero train that connects the city to the Airport. It will have lines running from the east to the west of the city, northwest to the southwest connected by line 4 and the southwest to the northeast of the city.

In addition, connection to the airport is also an important aspect that has been addressed by the transit with the construction of a maglev link to the city’ s airport at an estimated construction cost of four hundred million euros. Two lines are already operational, lines 1 and 2. The project began in 2010 with the construction of line 1 beginning at the time and ending in 2016, covering a distance of twenty-three kilometers with an estimated cost of fourteen billion.

The construction of all the lines is expected to be completed in 2025, and as has been seen, operations start soon after completion. This transit is expected to ease congestion in the city and improve transport efficiency. The city of Changsha is among the few cities in China famed for its rich history and culture that spans more than three centuries. It opened its doors to foreign trade during the nineteen hundred leading to the settlement of both the Americans and the Europeans.

Moving away from history, the city has distinguished itself by being a key transport, commercial and commercial center in the country.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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