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Running Head: Project Week One: Marketing Plan. Our company- the XYZEE Luxury Spa is registered and incorporated in the state of New York as a Limited Liability Company. The company will start with three directors, two managers and 30 employees. Ownership is between me and two siblings John and Esther making up the three directors. I own 45% stake, John owns 35% and Esther 20%. I will be holding the position of chairman, John will be director marketing and Esther will be the director customer service. The company’s mission is “to grow our business whilst building a platform to become global luxury spa brand. ” We shall achieve this by constituently uncovering tranquillity for all our guests.

In terms of business we shall be offering luxury accommodation, spa and massage services. We have enlisted very well trained therapists to offer top of the class spa treatment marketed extensively via Facebook, twitter and Instagram. We target customers who want an indulgent, relaxed spa experience, escape the days hustle into a serene & friendly environment. These are typically individuals in the middle and upper classes who work in the city of New York.

Our proposition is to meet and surpass all customer expectations. We will consistently roll out services that constantly delight customers, offer enjoyment and relaxation of the mind. We have set ourselves very ambitious marketing goals that we hope to achieve in a span of 5 years. Our spa opens doors for customers on 1st of August 2015 with 25 rooms, a swimming pool, gym, whirl pool, steam room, sauna and fully functional health club. Our target is to have all our rooms full utilized by December 2015.

In three years we plan to have our spas in all US states and in five years five years enlist on the New York stock exchange.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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