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The paper "Facebook Overall Performance" is a good example of an information technology assignment.   Facebook as a social networking website highlights the user attributes of getting into various social activities like those of getting in touch with friends and maintain various formal and informal touches required with his fellow beings. Not only has this had a relative sensed of availing all social responsibilities with the least time required gives an upper hand to Facebook. It has been designed in a way to suit the social requisites of even the most irregular computer operators and users.

The following study analyses the perception of people about facebook’ s easy to start design and use of friendliness in operation. Details The analysis was conducted by researching a sample survey of 200 Facebook users and their responses were tracked down to analyze the various aspects of Facebook when we consider it as a social networking website. The questions asked were blatantly pointed towards the user-friendly aspect and easy to load design parameters of Facebook. A relative straight edge across other competitors in this field was the objective along with a keen to look for the social achievements of it. The following questions were asked from the sample group: How would you grade Facebook on basis of overall performance? The motif underlying behind this question is to determine the overall satisfaction level of users and to seek what is their relative grading of the website in comparison with other competitor sites which also facilitate social networking.

Thus we have an analytical base for determining what can be the possible image building of this website just by seeking a customer’ s level of satisfaction and grade awarded to it. On the basis of responses received from the sample we came across that almost half, the population marked facebook’ s performance as good.

The rest said no on account of being linked with different other websites for social networking. So we are assured about the quality of performance rendered by it. Q. 2 Do you feel Facebook is relatively more user friendly than its other competitor’ s sites? The question posed to the sample to analyze the operational ease of users operation for this website. Also, the user-friendliness of the website has proved to the users to enhance its social networking service.

The results showed that the majority of surveyed people went to an agreement with Facebook being more user friendly in terms of operation. Q.3 Which of the following websites would you call “ Easy to operate” ?The question deals with the relative preference of Facebook in comparison to all other prevalent websites. The competitor sites are Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all others which are been compared with Facebook on all performance parameters. Results showed highly favored Facebook from all other competitor sites.

Q. 4 the cross-tabulation of two main factors about which site takes less time to perform and then which site is felt more comfortable to operate? The question poses a comparison among all the four focused websites with that of Facebook and then what amount of comfort is signified to the users. To have a cross-tabulation of both these parameters we can seek a possible comparison of both these factors together and their mutual impact on the choice of preference. Results showed Facebook is more comfortable and it only makes less time consumption and then an aggregated impact of these parameters on it. Results and analysisThe results show that Facebook is more preferable to all other websites in its category and the reason for it is the ease of operation with the less time-consuming operation of it. Hence the user-friendliness and less time-consuming operations make it an omnificent graded and most preferable website in the field of social networking.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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