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The paper "Human Resource Industry is a wonderful example of a Marketing Assignment. The industry evolved in the 18th century from the idea that was developed and established by Robert Owen and Charles Babbage during the time the industrial revolution was picking up (Knowles, Holton III, and Swanson, 2014). The two individuals realized the importance of the employees towards the development and realization of the success of the organizations. They realized that without the healthy workers, the organizations will not be able to survive, as employees would have not been able to work perfectly.

The industry picked up its operation in the 20th century under the influence of Frederick Winslow (Kern, 2014). The operation of the HR industry was introduced in the market and its efficiency established in manufacturing industry. The main agenda for the introduction of the industry was to ensure that the welfare of every employee was taken into consideration without exposing the employees into adverse working environment. They later ensured they get involved directly in the employee's protections through various activities which included training of the employees, recruiting of the employees to ensure that only qualified and well-trained personnel was provided in a given work.

They ensured the process of replacement of the employees and even ensured that none of the replacement took place on a biased means (Kern, 2014). In 1913 the first well knew HR professional association was developed which was termed as Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in England but performed the same operation as the human resource industry was doing (Bamberger, Biron, and Meshoulam, 2014). The association was to ensure the concern for the welfare of the workers within England to formularize the industrial sectors.

After a period of ten years, the CIPD’ s name was changed to Institute of Industrial Welfare Workers (IIWW). The association worked for several years with the main to take concern of the employees within the industrial area. The association later proceeded after a decade to the Institute of Labor-Management (ILM). After the exchange of the names for many years, the association’ s name was changed to its current name by 2000 which was spread to the United States of America.

At that moment the higher education ensured that there was dedication to ensure that workplace studies. The change of the names was taking place to ensure that the organization found the best way through which they could collectively take responsibility in ensuring the welfare of the employees is considered (Landy, and Conte, 2016). In the late 20th century the system ensured that there was the consideration of the employees’ welfare in transportation and communication to facilitate workforce mobility and collaboration. At the moment, the corporation began seeing the employees as assets rather than as cogs in a machine.

The involvement of the company in the involvement of the individuals as assets, the company ensured that the name was changed to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in 1998 (Bamberger, Biron and Meshoulam, 2014). The benefits of the industry were introduced to the entire world through the use of different popular media industries. U.S. A ensured that they introduced the television series of the office which constantly portrayed Toby Flenderson as an individual who constantly reminds coworkers of company policies and government regulations.

After the introduction of the HR campaign in the US television series, other countries portrayed the popularity of the practice through different fought media entities and classes. The demand for the operation of the HR industry has increased currently in the world with its main activity being to provide services to different organizations in terms of quality employee’ s actions. The rules ensure that the individuals do not experience bias in the development and salary payment within the organizations. Currently, it has become a routine that every institution or organization must express a well developed and critically established system to develop consistency in the recruitment, training, and replacement of the employees.

The industry has also developed its international standards to help in its operation globally under strained rules and obligations (Martí n-Peñ a et. al, 2014).



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