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The paper "There’ s Nothing like Australia" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment.   The client is Australia and it has launched a worldwide campaign for tourism in Australia through Tourism Australia. The campaign is ‘ there is nothing like Australia’ which is mainly meant for consumer marketing. It was launched in 2010 and it features the recommendations made by Australians about destinations to go for holidays in Australia. It has been translated into 17 languages and is meant to have reached over 25 countries. So far, the campaign has appeared in 25 countries (Campaign Brief, 2012).

Australians have responded positively and there are over 30,000 stories and videos to attract the world to what Australia has to offer. They explain why they think that ‘ there’ s nothing like Australia’ . Name of Agencies who supported the campaign i. e. media, creative, public relations etc. The main agency that supports ‘ there is nothing like Australia’ is Tourism Australia. The campaign has received support from 180 partners of Tourism Australia who are inclusive of tourism organizations of the state, the Australian Industry, airlines and travel distributors (Tourism Australia, 2012).

There has been supporting from online media and especially video sharing sites and Facebook. Tourism Australia, the main supporter has its own public relations and media departments which support the creative Name of stakeholders who needed to be consulted on the project and the type of tactics the client/agency would have used to win their support. Stakeholders who would have been consulted include those with a major investment in the tourism industry and those with businesses and organizations that rely on and benefit or have the potential of benefitting highly from tourism.

This includes transport organizations and agencies including airlines, trains and other local transport that tourists use (The Economist, 2010). Hotels and accommodation agencies should be stakeholders too. They can be included in the advertising campaigns and they can set standards that all hotels are meant to meet so that tourists coming to Australia are aware that they will receive a particular standard of accommodation and care from hotels. Tourists are keen about comfort, safety, class, cleanliness, food and adventure. Consequently, stakeholders in transport, hotel and accommodation will go a long way in convincing them that they will be getting the best services available.

Since the government is the client, the stakeholders should be from private organizations. When was the campaign produced and how much / what type of media was used to support the campaign? The campaign began in May 2010 and is ongoing. Different media are used to support both domestic and international tourism. There are broadcast advertisements being featured on television. There are also advertisements online, in cinemas and on other new platforms such as mobile phones. Print advertising was done in newspapers and tourism magazines.

The commercials that were aired featured the various tourist locations in Australia as well as landscapes. The ads ran for 90, 60, 45, 30 or 15 seconds (Tourism Australia, 2012). There were also short films made and they featured information that would help expound information that consumers have about tourism possibilities in Australia. Was there anything that the agency and client needed to take into consideration (past, present or future) for the campaign to be a success?


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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