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Introduction and Purpose of ReportEmployees work in different environments because of nature of their roles and responsibilities. For example, building construction requires an environment, which fulfils easily its roles while a technological environment requires a workplace that allows completion of allocated tasks and responsibilities (Mumford & Simonton, 1997; Gumusluoglu & Ilsev, 2009). However, the demand for creativity at the workplace because of employees’ aspirations has resulted in organisations employing different strategies to ensure the organisation becomes efficient. An example of organisation that has maximised on creativity at the workplace is Google Company.

The aim of this report is to analyse creativity at Google illustrating the creative tools utilised, application of these tools within the organisation, outcome of these tools within the organisation and reflection on the entire process of creativity at Google. Google Company OverviewGoogle is a company that is located in American and deals in Internet-related products and services. Some of the services and products produced by Google Company include cloud computing, search, online advertising and software development. The company was registered as a privately held in 1998 and in 2004, the company was made public.

The rapid growth of the organisation has resulted in acquisition of numerous products and organisations and majoring on communication based products such as messaging and creating software utilised in mobile phones such as Adroid operating system. Google Company presents an environment, which is creative. The aim of the organisation is to ensure the employees operate optimally and efficiently (Cohen-Meitar, Carmeli & Waldman, 2009). Google Company has introduced numerous games, services and products within the working environment, creating an environment different from traditional office. Thus, this creativity is analysed to understand the outcome of the entire process towards fulfilling organisation obligations.

The following is Google business model canvas that illustrates the roles and responsibilities plus the outcome of the entire process. Creative Tools ChosenCreative furniture – The sitting arrangements is unique since employees sit on unique chairs and utilises tables that are creativity. Moreover, the employees are allowed to design their work environment based on a guideline. Fun/ games fittings – Within the headquarters and some offices across the world, Google Company has provided means in which employees can reduce stress and boredom through participating in games.

For example, employees can play against each other within the working environment; games may include foosball, billiards or ping pong while others employees can play video based games. Flexibility in working – Google Company working environment is flexible. Employees are allowed to schedule for haircut at the workplace, do laundry and be able to work part time on their own jobs. For example, employees are supposed to work for only some hours in a week and the rest can be utilised in doing personal work that may not be related to organisation requirements.

Innovative teams – different employees with specific qualifications come together to formulate and develop a project. Diversity among employees – hiring employees from different parts of the world into developing services and products that solves specific challenge. Moreover, employees employed are from different genders and from different professional backgrounds. Mind maps – this a diagram based strategy that is utilised in outlining information. An idea is placed inside the map and branches are created that are related with the idea.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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