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Crisis Action Plan and Response al Affiliation Crisis action plans are developed in response to the occurrence of an event in an organization or business that affects the normal operation of the entity. This paper shows an action plan to be used in response to situation involving a patron at Colonnade Hotel and Resort that occurred due to overbooking Step One The first step of the action plan is the acknowledgement of the occurrence of the incident. The unpleasant incident involved Mr. Ward, who together with 14 other family members had booked rooms in the hotel (Amy & Kimes, 2014).

Mr. Ward and his wife were not able to get their rooms when they arrived that night. He was therefore walked to another hotel to spend the night. Mr. Ward sent an email notifying the management on occurrence of the incident. The involved staff also acknowledged that the crisis involving Mr. Ward and his family had taken in the hotel (Amy & Kimes, 2014). Step Two: Assessment of the Crisis This involves gathering all the information and materials on the occurrence. It entails getting information both from the complainant’s side and from the hotel staff.

This is done by speaking to Mr. Ward and Kathy and reviewing the email that had been sent by the complainant. Speaking to Mr. Ward helps in knowing his side of the story. Speaking to Kathy also helps in getting the employees’ side off the story. Kathy was able to confirm the incident (Amy & Kimes, 2014). It is also important to assess the Trip Advisor review and also look at the tweets that had been sent by Mr. Ward.

The YouTube video that was posted by the complainant should also be reviewed so that a clear picture of what happened that night can be got. The video provides first hand information on what transpired between the hotel staff and Mr. Ward and his family. It is also important to speak to the employees of the Hotel where Mr. Ward and his wife stayed for the night. .This can help in knowing if anything happened or occurred during their stay there that can be related to the incident that is at hand.

The assessment of the situation requires as much information as possible. It may necessitate reaching an outside Public Relations Agency so that they can be involved in handling the crisis. During the assessment process it is prudent to ask several questions concerning the incident. Some of the possible questions that need to be answered include: Were we right? Were we wrong? Top what extent were we right? To what extent were we wrong? Is the overbooking policy that is being used a good one? Is it the best policy to use? How will the incident impact negatively or positively on the reputation of the hotel? All these questions need to be answered to get a clear and detailed knowledge of the incident so as to help in coming up with a solution to the problem. Step Three: Development of the Course of Action This is stage involves communicating with all those involved in the incident.

It entails drafting a personal email to Mr. Ward responding to the issues he raised as well as sending personal notes to all the other 13 guest that were with Mr. Ward for the party.

A copy of the email to be sent to Mr. Ward is shown below: Dear Mr. Ward RE: APOLOGY I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the management and staff of the Colonnade Hotel and Resort to send my apologies for what happened when you last visited our hotel. We usually work hard to ensure that all the patrons get the best treatment and services at Colonnade Hotel and Resort. This however did not happen when you visited and am sorry for that. It was so unfortunate that the when you visited the hotel, you found out that your room had been occupied.

The management apologizes for that. The incident occurred because of the overbooking policies that Colonnade Hotel and Resort has. The hotel overbooks its rooms to check on no-shows. The overbooking is done depending on the number of no-shows that are predicted every single night and the predictions are always 100% correct. It was so unfortunate that you were a victim of the wrong predictions. The incident has made us review our policies on overbooking and we will be implementing new policies to ensure that there is no repeat of such to any other Colonnade patron.

The management has therefore decided to offer your and the other fourteen patrons who visited our hotel for your party a free night stay in our facility. You will find improvement and am sure you and your guest shall enjoy your stay in Colonnade Hotel and Resort. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issue that requires my attention. Thank you Yours Sincerely Pat Fielding General Manager An email is also to be drafted communicating to the faculty and staff to arranging for a meeting to discuss the policies and procedures on overbooking.

During the meeting, it is important to discuss the different ways that the hotel can explore to help manage the overbooking process and look at the possible solutions to the problem that was experienced by the complainant. Step Four: Selection of the Course of Action The meeting that was held with the faculty and stuff should have yielded solutions to the problem. Based on the meeting and the research done on the best ways to handle overbooking, Colonnade will implement new policies that ensure that the patrons are not subjected to what Mr.

Ward went through. Step Five: Plan for Execution This involves communicating the new polices to all the employees. The staff will also be informed on how to handle situations that arise due to overbooking based on the newly drafted and implemented policies. It is important to ensure that the employees remain up to date on new the policies. An email should also be sent to Mr. Ward to inform him that as a result of his stay at The Colonnade Hotel and the incident that took place, the hotel has implemented new policies for to serve the patrons better. Step Six: Execution This is the final stage o f the crisis action plan.

It is done after fully analyzing and responding to the situation. All the new policies that were developed will be executed. This is the stage to respond to the Tweeter message and the YouTube video that had been uploaded by Mr. Ward. All those who responded to the message should be informed that the incident was regrettable but necessary actions have been put in place to ensure that the patrons who come to Colonnade Hotel and Resort experience a wonderful stay as they have always did. Reference Amy, N.

& Kimes, S. (2014). Responding to a Customers Complaint. Retrieved from http: //www. bizcominthenews. com/colonnade

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