Essays on Crises Management Team: East Fife Football Club Case Study

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The paper "Crises Management Team: East Fife Football Club" is a perfect example of a case study on management. For the case study, I have taken East Fife Football Club, whose home matches are played at Bayview Stadium, located in Scottish coastal town of Methil in Fife and the main purpose of the club is to play football and provide hospitality on match days, as a range of hospitality packages are offered by it. The stadium was established in 1903 but it was relocated to its present venue in 1998. The stadium has one stand on the south side and is opened on three sides and no further spectators can be accommodated.

The provision of car parks is made on the east and west sides of the stadium. Methil power station is situated on the far side, which overshadows the pitch and business-park is also being built around it. Training facilities and administration processes are carried on a daily basis from Monday to Friday and Saturday afternoons are oriented for football matches. The stadium, both by vehicles and pedestrians, can be accessed only through the way of Harbour View, and playing surfaces can be accessed through gates at each corner of the ground. The capacity of the stadium is around 2000 and there are great chances of crowd disorder, which may involve pitch invasion, overcrowding, crushing, etc.

or fire in the Main stand complex. Each such incident could lead to a considerable number of injuries or deaths and there might arise the need for the evacuation of the premises. Legislation Controls The statutory function of Fife’ s Council is to survey the safety standards at Bayview Stadium, Methil for the safety of spectators in terms of Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and the stadium holds a Safety Certificate in terms of the legislation.

The safety provisions are monitored by the Working Group of Officials, which is comprised of Fire and Rescue Service, Democratic Services, Development Services, Transportation Services, and Fife Constabulary, which in turn reports to Police, Fire, and Safety Committee.


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