Essays on Cases for Shell on Environment Protection Case Study

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The paper "Cases for Shell on Environment Protection " is an outstanding example of a business case study.   Just like in any other company CSR in Shell and its profitability goes hand in hand. There is no company in the world that is able to prosper without providing their services and products in an environment that supports the existence of the consumers in terms of quality and sustainability (Frynas 2009, 26). In this era where the public is well exposed to what they expect from the companies as they operate amidst them, Shell as accompanying is trying its best to balance between survive delivery and its profit-making objectives.

Shell in this regard has strived to ensure that its continued profitability is applied towards the creation of investments through investments (Our strategy - Shell Global, n.d. ). This is also meant to maintain a strong foundation for future supplies of energy. In addition, the shell is diverging towards the production of natural gas to aid it in its efforts to cut carbon emissions a situation, which is well intended to ensure its carbon reduction efforts (Kakabadse & Morsing 2006, 38-42). Cases for shell on environment protection Shell in its operations intends to save their image from the wide perception that big companies only have the objectives of making profits.

The company management argues that yes they are interested in profits but also recognize the fact that sustainability of both the company and the society depends on sustainable behaviour and how it operates in both its internal and external environment (2010, January 29). Energy Weekly News, pp. 34-39). The protection of the environment is one of the pressing issues by most companies; this aspect also arises in many of the programs of the major groups in the society, which range from the government, interest and lobby groups and the worldwide organizations (Kakabadse & Morsing 2006, 79). In Shell’ s efforts to attain profitability and future growth, the organization strives to respect and maintain the environment upon which it operates.

Shell is a global organization known for the production of energy and mostly for carbon-producing energy although recently they are striving to reduce the production of carbon fossil fuels and go the coal way.

This is in its efforts to conserve the environment by minimising global warming which is detrimental to the ozone layer. Clean fuel is good for consumption hence shell invests heavily in modern ways of fuel production to generate clean energy. Fuel as a source of energy is also important for production in the industries (Frynas 2009, 44-8). Reduction of CO2 emissions, a greenhouse gas emitted due to air pollution is one of the main objectives of Shell. In order to do this, they are forced to put in place a series of mitigating strategies.

They have realised that the refining and delivery of fossil fuels are the main cause of carbon emission in the atmospheres and this they have decided to combat by diversifying their operations (Our strategy - Shell Global, n.d. ). In their modern production processes, they largely direct their energy provisions towards coal and its products. By employing such new technology, clean energy is produced and the energy used during such production is highly reduced. The reduction of CO2 emissions is large because Shell is concerned about the environment and its sustainability.

The company is trying as much as it can to stay away from being a contributor to climate change, which is a major contributor to global warming (Larsen & Wiggen 2004, 122-8).


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