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The paper 'Benefits of Billiton Limited's Demerger Plans' is a great example of a Business Case Study. BHP Billiton which is an international natural resource company was founded in 2001 through a merge between Billiton PLC and BHP Ltd. Its headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia. The company is among the world's biggest mining companies and it deals with the production of copper, silver, steel, iron, aluminum, gas, and oil. BHP Billiton also shows interest in transport and engineering. On Aug 13, 1885, BHP Ltd got registered as Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited in Victoria.

The name originated from Broken Hill city which was along a range of New South Wales. In 1883 this area was found to have a rich lead, silver, and zinc lode. The company had the richest silver mine in the world in the late 1880s and 1890s. BHP started drilling oil in 1964 even though its search for petroleum and gas had begun in 1954. It changed its name to BHP Limited in 2000. The company announced its plans to merge with Billiton PLC in 2001.

Billiton PLC is a British company. It got started in 1860 with the main reason being to mine tin on the Billiton Islands located in Indonesia. It also had interests in mining aluminum, steel, and nickel. At the time of the merger, BHP Billiton had operations in 20 countries worldwide. BHP Billiton contributions to community development BHP Billiton believes that education is a key contributor to community development. It reduces poverty by increasing access to employment and business opportunities. Within its host communities, BHP Billiton provides several approaches to education provision which improve its quality and relevance.

They provide educational services such as parenting programs and early childhood education. Secondly, scholarships to students who are joining secondary and tertiary institutions. Thirdly, they provide educational services and facilities to those people who live in remote and rural areas. Lastly, the company provides on-the-job training and also gives numeric training to workers who are from the host community. On 27th Jan 2015, the company committed $ 10 million to be used in developing a BHP Billiton water park. It is to be built at Perth’ s riverfront Elizabeth Quay development which is a free community space.

Elizabeth Quay is going to be a landmark that will open up riverfront for more people to enjoy. The water park will provide people with family setting outdoor space where they can meet and socialize freely for several years to come. Its seating will be amphitheater-like to reflect on the history of Riverside Drive. The park can also be used to hold flexible events and it can hold up to 800 people without water. The main aim of the project was to give back to the Western Australia community for the support they have given the company for the past four years.

This program has been made a reality through BHP Billiton’ s community development program. The program has contributed over $ 175 million for the last 5 years. The money has been used to provide health, education, community infrastructure, and indigenous development in Western Australia.


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