Essays on Event Analysis of the Festival of Chocolate Case Study

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The paper "Event Analysis of the Festival of Chocolate" is a perfect example of a case study on management. An event is an occasion that is set to take place during a specific period at a certain venue and usually involves prior planning and preparations (Reid, 2008). It also has participants that form the audience whose expectations have to be met. Different events involve varied logistics depending on their size, duration, number of participants, the purpose of the event, and other circumstances surrounding the organization and the execution of the entire events (Reid, 2008). The festival of chocolate held in Rocks was a unique event that was well prepared to meet the anticipations of the audience(Tum et al.

2008). Being a food-related event, catering is a key logistic that needed to be involved in every step of the event. It was crucial for the organizers to ensure quality preparations to make the event successful (Tum et al. 2008). While in the event, I made the close observation to various aspects of the event including the theme of the event, the programming as well as the design of the entire event, the choice of the venue and what might have been considered before coming up with the place to locate the event, the lighting, sound system, catering services provided in the event among others.

However, this analysis will focus on the venue of the event and the catering services of the event (Frey 2006). This analysis is also important because it evaluates the content of the event in totality and enables one to be keen on understanding the finer details of the event.

It exposes many elements of staging although it does not give a detailed explanation about all of them. However, few staging elements are covered in the event which the writer found important to be used in this analysis. These staging elements include the choice of venue and catering. A rigorous evaluation of these elements helps people to understand them easily and can perform them better when. In addition, the event helped bring into action some staging actions that most students were not aware of before the event (Tum et al.

2008). This analysis aims to evaluate the key purpose of the event and who were involved in the event and how the event benefited the participants individually and collectively and its general impact on the immediate community as well as the society in general.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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