Essays on Measuring Employee Performance Coursework

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The paper "Measuring Employee Performance" is a great example of management coursework.   Employee performance is determined by a set of actions, behaviors, practices, and outcomes that are important in contributing to achieving the set goals. Many organizations have realized the benefits of employees in the process of achieving the set goals. As a result, the performance of the employees is keenly monitored to detect any change in performance. The primary aim of the human resources management is to make sure that the performance of the employee is improved hence is constantly measured (Houldsworth and Jirasinghe, 2006).

Measuring the performance of the employee assists in taking the necessary measures for improving the performance of the employees. The effectiveness of employee performance can be realized by constantly measuring the performance to detect any changes in advance. Measuring the performance of the employees enables the organization to assess the overall performance of the organization, as the employees are important in determining the organizational performance (Colquitt, Scott, and LePine, 2007). The organizations that have managed to improve the performance of the employees are likely to experience growth in the market.

The essay will be exploring the employee performance measurement, the various ways of measuring the performance of the employees, the importance of measuring employee performance. Measuring employee performance The employee performance can be measured in three categories that include unsatisfactory that is usually below the set standards, and in most cases, some form of punishments are imposed. The second category is satisfactory that is accepted, and neither punishment nor reward can be invoked. The third category is outstanding where the employee is rewarded for good performance. Motivating employees has been considered as an important aspect of improving the performance of the employees (King and Grace, 2010).

Many organizations have been looking for the possible way of improving the performance of employees, were engaging the employees has proved to be beneficial. The human resources manager tries to improve the performance after measuring the level of performance of the employees to assess the areas that might need improvements. Some theories have been used in determining the performance of employees as the primary aim of measuring the performance of the employees is to ensure improvement in their productivity.

Among the theories is the motivation theory where the performance of the employees who are motivated is likely to be improved when the employees are motivated. Many organizations after measuring the performance of the employees the primary strategy that they use in the process of improving the employee performance is the motivation strategy (Rich, Lepine and Crawford, 2010). They try to motivate the employees with the aim of making sure that they are committed to achieving the set objectives. Besides, the employees are engaged as a way of improving their job satisfaction where the employees are given the chance of giving their opinion concerning how productivity can be improved. Some metrics have been used in the process of measuring employee performance that can include non-financial and financial.

The financial metrics consist of evaluating the return on investment and earnings of the company resulting from the employee performance. The primary assumption is that employee performance is responsible for determining the productivity of the organization. The non-financial metrics are used in the evaluation of efficiency, customer satisfaction, productivity, product quality, employee satisfaction and market share (Houldsworth and Jirasinghe, 2006).

The efficiency in operations and customer satisfaction are responsible for determining customer satisfaction, productivity, markets share, and product quality. Employee satisfaction is determined by various factors that are discussed in the motivation theory that can include employee training where organizations work towards ensuring the employees have the necessary skills.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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