Essays on Cross Cultrual Management Assignment

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IntroductionIn the world of doing business, culture is a very critical factor. When people from diverse cultures transact business, they will only be able to create economic sense if they can manage to create and fulfill profitable relationships that exit among them by ensuring that all levels of all relevant cultural differences that emerge during the process are reconciled to create value for their businesses (Ward, et al. 2008). In other words, cross-cultural development is a collective programming that is designed by a manager, company or country in order to distinguish one group from the other in terms of culture as a way of creating a reconciling point with different cultures.

According to (Browaeys and Price, 2008), culture is “the way in which a group of people solves problems and reconciles dilemmas”. The primary objective of this report is to discuss managerial problems that are facing La Napoli restaurant and their main causes that will be used by the board of directors for decision making. Situational analysis The ‘La Napoli’ restaurant is situated in Hong Kong China. The restaurant is one of the international retail hotel outlet owned by Tom Brown under the well planned and established middle level restaurants in the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong.

The restaurant was formally established in 1995 after Luigi Comprio Managed to convince Chris Parkes of the venture and it is viability within the city of Hong Kong. The primary objective of the initiative was to provide the Italian cuisine for the residents of Hong Kong. Luigi Comprio had development this idea after spending some quite amount of time of his career as a chef and after having been accorded with the accolade of the ‘Master Chef’.

Camprio had gained some vital experience of the hotel industry in the city after numerous trips to Hong Kong with his wife who is a Vietnamese. That is when he came to encounter with the opportunity of starting an ‘authentic’ Italian restaurant in the city. After carrying out some substantial informal market research he came to find out that there was a market gap in the city. Problematic symbolsProblematic symbols refer to those parameters that can be used to tell whether an organization has got any challenges that face it is management.

The ability to identify these symbols is the first and most important way to recognize the fundamental problems that face the organization and thereby design the appropriate measures that can be used to manage them (Tjosvold and Leung 2003). According to the ‘La Napoli’, a number of problematic symbols have been demonstrated which reflect the underlying problems and they include: High employee turnoverHigh employee turnover is one major feature of discomfort at the current working place.

It is very rare for an employee who is satisfied and whose are provided to leave his employer for another company (Watson et al 2002). According to the company for the first year of operation, it was quite clear that a number of employees who had joined the business and had left view weeks later. By the end of the year, the top management team comprised of numerous new faces. Some of the employees who had left the business included David, Hans and Peter who were in the management team.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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