Essays on Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing of Supermarket Case Study

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The paper "Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing of Supermarket" is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. XYZ supermarket is a chain of supermarkets that will be found across the country. It offers diversified products ranging from household products to farm products. The company will open stores in major towns within the country with the aim of ensuring a maximum number of customers are reached, ensuring the high quality of products offered and ensuring that most of the products required by the customers are provided. The company that aims to have fifty-six supermarkets will start with ten supermarkets and within the next three years will have expanded to the rest of the country.

Moreover, the company will have a loyalty program that will be called the SMART CARD program that will utilize the allocation of points to money spent. This approach will be utilized to ensure that the maximum number of customers are retained and thus building a database that has the needs and requirements of the customers. Generally, it is important to retain customers rather than acquiring new customers and thus the aim of the entire loyalty program will be to ensure that the customers are satisfied and thus retained. 1.2 Aims The aim of the report is to: Understand the importance of loyalty program in customer satisfaction Appropriate strategies that ensure that customers are satisfied Importance and benefits of understanding a satisfied customer, and strategies and benefits of retaining customers 1.3 Scope The report will be limited to information found in literature and minor research that will be done based on nine people.

Information obtained from the nine people will be used to formulate appropriate recommendations and appropriate means in which it will aid an organization to succeed in its operations. 2.0 Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing 2.1 Literature-based Evidence 2.1.1 Managing Value Through Loyalty Programmes Creating a connection between the companies and customers is becoming more complete in a situation that companies are revising their approach and strategies towards achieving organizational calls (Sharpe, 2011).

It is evident that tracking buying patterns and customer loyalty programs is becoming more important in ensuring that customers are acquired and retained effectively. Customer loyalty programs are aimed at providing benefits to consumers by appreciating their continuous support through rewarding them (Rauyruen and Miller, 2007).

This means that the loyalty programs should be effective in that the buying patterns and buying profiles are effectively studied creating a conducive retention strategy. Value management is an important aspect of determining whether a customer is satisfied translating in retaining them. One of the strategies that contribute to managing value training and developing employees into understanding how customers should be served and how they should be treated when they ask for assistance or when they are complaining (Ndubisi, 2007).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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