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The paper "Customer Relationship Management" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment. There can be good CRM software and not as good CRM software. The actual thing is that the success of the CRM depends on how it is implemented by its practitioners. They cannot simply set up the software and leave it alone, hoping to attain gains through it. There is a requirement of the employees backing up the software in order to lead to a suitable influence on customer management. First of all, there is a requirement for determining the constituents of success for the company.

Later on, the implementation of the success measures has to be done in order to reach out to success. For successful implementation of CRM, there has to be a strategy, people, technology and process. These should also be there in the exact sequence. Successful Implementation of CRM Strategies The group of strategies will be discussed first. This includes there being objectives of CRM. That is, what the company is aiming to attain through CRM. This could be done by reducing the churn rate, by increasing cross-selling rates among the present clients, by increasing the repeated purchase rate, by increasing the profits attained from each client, to distinguish among the valuable and useless customers. Several of the CRM implementations overlook the aspect of change management.

CRM demands plenty of alterations about the whole of the business and so there has to be the capability of successfully conducting change management in order to make the implementation gainful. There should be considerations of elements such as people, culture, organisational structure, resistance-handling, motivation and rewarding and crisis management. People The success of CRM implementation also depends on the willingness of the employees of adopting the new CRM system and process.

The employees are the ones executing the strategies of the organisation on CRM to the clients. CRM implementation can be well-received in the case of there being present motivation, education and user-friendly processes. The employees are also to be trained with the software/system interface and operation. This is basic training. The more important is skill-set and mind-set training since these can lead to a change of mind-set through which there is a drive for customer-centered behaviour.

Following this, the employees are to be trained for the manner in which they should be serving customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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