Essays on Customer Service in the Environmental Serviceable Case Study

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The paper 'Customer Service in Environmental Serviceable' is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. Customer service is a key factor in any business or organization that requires a high rate of interaction between the customers and the service providers. SAIBT looks forward to making sure that the services rendered across in an appropriate manner. Some theories such as the service cape theory are highly discussed in relation to SAIBT. Certain findings discussed in relation to the physical environment of SAIBT. Some of the factors eyed in this report are signs, symbols, and ambient conditions of customer services in the environmental space.

Servicescape is a way to improve the conditions at which customers receive care and attendance for services that they require in and out of the company. This extends to service provided during marketing sessions and internet purchases. SAIBT makes sure that they stay at the top in the market through the maintenance of quality in their surrounding in assurance. Servicescape includes the exterior and the interior facilities such as the interior design, signpost, parking, dé cor, layouts among other factors.

SAIBT’ s infrastructure upgrades and is accommodative to the environmental services as a learning institution. Introduction Physical evidence in this context relates to the surrounding where customers interact with service providers in giving out services effectively and efficiently. In reference to Hoffman and Bateson (2010, p. 211), the servicescape is connected to individuals at their emotional, physical, and psychological level or reaction towards the business environment that is involved. SAIBT is an educational institution based in Australia well known as the South Australia Institute of Business and Technology. The institution offers educational services both locally and internationally.

It is certified to teach diploma, certificates, and degrees in various areas of business including tertiary and business management. In connection with other certified institutions, it has good relations with other campuses in the creation of education beneficial ties for its customers. SAIBT also is in the group of technological institutions that have embraced technology at first hand in terms of information and knowledge empowerment view picture C. Purpose of SAIBT servicescape The reason that SAIBT uses servicescape is to give guidance to new customers who are willing to use their facilities.

It makes sure that the customers and service providers interact at a certain level during service rendering. SAIBT has servicescapes such as the ambient conditions featured physically throughout the surrounding of the campus to give an interpersonal interaction by invoking some of the human senses. At this level of interaction the eyes, nose, ears, and hands are highly involved in the delivery and receiving of services. The servicescape also looks at the kind of space needed to operate a certain type of activity and the creation of such space.

This is the environmental layout that stretches to arrangements of tables, chairs, and furniture’ s starting from the reception, lecture rooms to the corridors and grounds where there might be a garden place. The other types of servicescapes are signs and symbols in the business environment. They help one to identify the correct direction to certain locations on the premises. A lot of time for clients who have busy schedules during working hours is utilized. In one way or another, both the customer and service providers benefit a lot from such an environmental service upgrade in and out of business (Ujjin, 2011, p.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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