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The paper "Customer Service at Okavango Delta" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The Okavango Delta is a tourist attraction site. I noted labyrinth of lagoons, hidden channels and lakes which covers an area of about 17,000 square kilometres and is the largest inland delta in the world. The Okavango Delta is found in the Republic of Botswana and sometimes referred to as a swamp by the people of Botswana. They also describe it as a Moving, puzzling, gentle, and attractive, starting from a broad and winding waterway then it spreads and creeps away behind a papyrus reed into an extensive network of small tributaries.

The Okavango's water is amazingly very clean and pure, unlike water from other rivers in Africa. This is most likely due to the fact that Okavango river crosses a plain that is sparsely populated and therefore free from human interference. It was wonderful to note that, the same river despite having dirt-free water, carries with it thousands of tonnes of sediments and sands along with it which is finally harvested by the people of Botswana.

The length of the Delta from Thamalakane River is approximately 200 kilometres from one end to other end across the lagoon. Despite the Okavango Delta location on the semi-arid area, indigenous tree have nurture around the Delta therefore forming a cool environment for wildlife and varied ecosystem development. The delta has lead to a manmade national game reserve that host all types of wild animal including the Lions, elephants, wild dogs, buffalo, hippo, many varieties of antelopes, crocodiles and other smaller animals such as mongoose, warthog, spotted genets, bushbabies, monkeys and tree squirrels all coexisting in single environment with the main survival point being the delta water which never dries up.

Apart from the mainland wildlife, the delta has also invited a variety of birds, fish and insects that make the Okavango delta a unique tourism destination. Other than the nature of the delta, a wildlife-rich game reserve has to lead to a great influx of tourists from all continents thus increasing the revenue to the Botswana government. The presence of tourist is boosted by the tourism activities in the delta which include fishing, bird counting, photographing, game viewing, relaxation along the banks of river Okavango.

The varied activities along the delta make the site an outstanding tourist destination that is evident by the number of tourist touring the lagoon per year. Apart from the wildlife, Okavango also has an extended range of cultural heritage like Bushman’ s paintings around the Maun Region for example Savuti. Okavango is no doubt an important resource to the people of Botswana. This is apparent as the infrastructure development around the Okavango delta proves it.

For example the high quality road and communication network that was constructed in a decade.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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