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The paper "Service Encounter Diary" is a perfect example of a Marketing Assignment. Expectations: Today I was in the mood for treating somebody special so what better way than to treat them to a meal at The Cheesecake Factory. With years of history behind them, I knew their service was beyond reproach as I have previously dined with them. Details: As expected, the organization offers EGift cards that can be redeemed for a fantastic meal at the Cheesecake factory. As promised, my gift card was delivered within minutes of purchase.

I was also informed that I have the option to set a future date when the email would be delivered. The customer care personnel are friendly, informative, jovial and above all, respectable with their diction. My message was also personalized so my parents (the recipients) would understand my gratitude. Comments: The gift card is redeemable at any Cheesecake Factory nationwide which was particularly helpful as my parents travel a lot on business and never enjoy such little luxuries as much as they would like. Having called the office, I was directed on how to send such a gift and this assistance is rivaled to none.

As a customer, I believe that such a service should be available in all outlets and all businesses of this caliber. Analysis: Finding good help is hard, especially in the service industry where customers ask the same questions without any reference resource. I was particularly impressed with the efficient and speedy service I received because my gift card was received to the surprise I was intended. Service Encounter Diary Encounter #: 7Date: Time: Location: Organization: Sanford Power: Sports and Athletic Training Expectations: By visiting their website, my expectations were clear; I needed to find a high-performance center where I can learn to train like an athlete.

My challenge today lay in the fact that I have shelved this idea for too long and I am worried that time waits for no king or queen for that matter. Details: The Sanford Power: Sports and Athletic Training website at a glance say it all; not for the weak of heart. With images of a training facility where only the strong survive I was encouraged to find out more and perhaps sign up.

The website is keenly interactive with different disciplines on display. There are other sections that seek to inform potential clients about the benefits and the specifics of their training. The FAQ section contains many of the questions I had, and it is satisfying to know that they cater to each’ s needs to the best of their trainers’ abilities. Comments: I could not be the Usain Bolt of Track or the Angelique Keber of Tennis, but I can be just as fit. The website is informative as I would expect with images of proof that they garner results.

The reviews on the website also create the impression of a successful business entity that not only attracts but also maintains its clients because of their personalized training. I am not only impressed with the website, but I will also sign up ready to start this new chapter of my life.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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