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The paper "David Morrison’ s Leadership Style" is a great example of a management case study.   David Morrison is one of the main people to be recognized in Australia for being a successful military man. David was awarded the Australian of the year in the year 2006 following his tremendous impacts on the Australian armed forces. David Morrison served as the chief of the army in Australia from 2011 to 2016. After then David received his award as the Australian of the year the following year, 2016, following his primary impacts a leadership in the Australian defence force (DOD, 2016).

David had served the military all his life since he was 23 years old when he joined the Australian armed forces. According to the DOD (2016), among the achievements that Morison received on duty is the successful execution of the operation lagoon, an operation which he led the international force in East Timor. David was a charismatic leader, and his leadership style pleased many, including the prime minister of Australia. David is retired military personnel, having accomplished a lot in the military all his life.

This paper outlays the leadership style of David Morrison while identifying the challenges he encountered in his life as army personnel as well as the chief of the army and simulate identifying the lessons on leadership one can learn from then prolific military leader. Davis Morrison Background and Early Military Career. According to Dobell (2014), David Morrison was born in on 24th May 1956, in Queensland Australia. He is the father of Allan Morrison, who was a military man too, a Major General. Morrison attended St. Edmund College at Canberra, which is one of the Australian national universities.

He studied art and law, Morrison graduated in 1979. Upon graduation, Morrison joined the Australian defence force. The Australian army. Upon joining the army, he later graduated from the officer cadet school, at Port Sea and joined the Australian infantry corps. Morrison then later served as the royal military instructor at Sand Hurst, in Britain. As Dobell (2014) asserts, after attending the United Kingdom and being awarded the instructor, the following years saw Morrison climb the rank of the military, as his character, leadership styles as well as a sense of competency at work enabled him to achieve more.

Morrison in the year 1992 attended the staff college and army command at Queensland, his motherland. Upon landing, he gained yet another promotion, as the primary of the third brigade, at Townsville, Queensland. Dobell (2013) asserts that it is during this time when he manifested his capabilities in leading the military. Among his many successful operations as the major. Operation lagoon was conducted at this era, under his guidance, tactical provision and overall head of the brigade, the major.

Operation Lagoon was a collection of several multinational force, which he headed and the task force was responsible for providing security to the conference held at the Bougainville, in the year 1994. As Dobell (2013) chronicles, upon leading the successful operation lagoon, David gained yet another promotion, the lieutenant colonel. Again in the year 1997, he was appointed the commanding officer of the second Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment. Morison held this position until towards the end of 1998. Morrison was then appointed the licensed instructor of the command heading staff operations Wong of the army promotion of all the corps at training in Canungra.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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