Essays on Decentralization In The Municipality Of Riyadh Assignment

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Decentralization in the Municipality of RiyadhIntroductionEach and every state across the world has its own administrative structure owing to the widespread conditions pertaining to the different political, social, and economic development activities of their respective countries. The management environment, whether it is present in the local government, or the district administration in the US, or United Arab Emirates, largely influences the methods used in applying the administrative and local governance mechanism per each jurisdiction. In this particular paper I will be highlighting decentralization in the Municipality of Riyadh together with its social and economic impact.

Riyadh like other capital cities is experiencing unprecedented growth due to different economic activities coming from various sectors of the economy like; communication, transport, trade, and construction among others. This particular growth is attributed to human migration from less attractive places in the world to this city in search of greener pasture (AUDI, 1983, p. 93). It is due to this background that the Riyadh secretariat was challenged to devise a long term measure that would eventually curb the menace arising from increasing population growth.

The secretariat then decided to launch the Riyadh Municipality that would assist various state agencies to implement their development plans at the grass root level. Some of these development initiatives entailed establishing; diplomatic quarters, government palace, King Khaled international airport, Real estate development fund, water and sanitation among others whereby these projects co-operate hand in hand with the Maonmanp to raise their capital (UCLG, 2008, p. 207; US. FBIS, p.93). Functions of the administrative secretariat of the city of RiyadhEstablishing the supreme body which is mandated with the development of the city of Riyadh in 1394 AH (1974 AD) and the formation of the council in 1395 AH (1975 AD) which was under the chairmanship of Governor of Riyadh, he had a deputy, and a secretary.

There are also ex-officio members who are mandated with policy making, approval of development plans, and also co-ordinates the development activities. It has entrusted the municipal system in Riyadh with the responsibility of works in the city such as repairing and beautification, maintaining health and comfort, public safety, and taking any other necessary measures in order to have more efficient functions within the city.

Exercising the secretary- The Riyadh implementation authority in collaboration with the Secretariat and in accordance with the powers derived from the decentralized system, understands that the secretary is the first reference point in matters pertaining to management, rules, regulations, and rights in making decisions and guidelines pertaining to the entire municipality. Organizational Structure of the secretariat of the city of Riyadh and decentralizationsStructureThe secretariat is structured in such a way that one person who happens to be the head enjoys immense powers which are also devolved using the top to bottom approach according to specialization.

Some of the key personnel are: Secretary of projects and reconstruction: They are in charge of the departments of city and urban planning and engineering services which oversees building permits, engineering projects, open space, maintenance and operations (Robert, 1878, p. 75). General Manager financial and administrative affairs: They are mainly responsible for the different departments such as personnel, finance, warehousing, property, and other advisory bodies. Director General of Land and Property: They are responsible for matters pertaining to land and title deed, property of the secretariat, and property inspection among others.

Department of Agriculture, gardens and landscaping: They are mainly responsible for sprawling the city, afforestation of the city’s streets, parks, and play grounds.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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