Essays on The Management Issues Which Are Crucial to the Positioning of Hospitality Organisations Assignment

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The paper "The Management Issues Which Are Crucial to the Positioning of Hospitality Organisations" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Hotels have to add value to their current services offered its clients(Osawa, 2003). To begin, the current trend in the hotel industry is hotels must now assess whether or not services it formally offers to the general public is aimed at particular customer categories with the intention of meeting the needs of these prospective or customers. The hotels should now concentrate on incorporating the importance of the different cultures brought by each customer entering the hotels’ premises and to accommodating international customers and upon the methods of accommodating these customers.

The temperament, religion, race, age, gender, status in life should be taken as a factor in determining the kind of services the company will offer. The following paragraphs detail the uniqueness of the hospitality industry. BODY: Critically evaluate the management issues which are crucial to the positioning of hospitality organisations. The top five major management issues( this is a worldwide occurrence as people travel from one part of the world to another such as a US citizen doing business in the UK) that are crucial to the positioning of the hospitality organizations are in reality not issues at all because they can easily be hurdled with good hotel management decision making(Merkel, 2004).

First, the issue of continued recovery in the U. S. economy is not that gloomy. Although the United States economy is generally strengthening, the Western nation’ s recovery has been weaker and slower than what had been hoped for. Sadly, a slip or stall in the country’ s recovery will surely further slow progress in the hospitality industry.

This is not good especially if job creation does not accelerate. Second, the issue strengthening of the office and industrial real-estate sectors can be handled well. Currently, the demand for office space as well as industrial space is largely driven by a jobs-led recovery plus the bigger demand for products and services.  



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