Essays on Deming Framework for Quality Management Assignment

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The paper "Dеming Frаmеwоrk for Quаlity Mаnаgеmеnt" is an impressive example of a Management essay.   Quality management is a process by which a company facilitates the production of consistent and high-quality products and services. The concept of quality has been a subject of discussion for many philosophers; it has evolved to mean much more than the only integrity of the products and services produced.     It is now used to represent a system of activities that leads to the commitment to business success that entails all practices by individuals within the organization.

This essay will discuss extensively the evolution of quality management and illustrate thoughts of Deming as a philosopher who contributed to the science and practice of quality management. Coca-Cola of China is the company that the report will focus on as it is a company that has embraced the methodology of quality management I am delivering its products and services to consumers in China.   Dr. W. Edward Deming is a philosopher who was in the front line in stressing the importance of individual and company level in a management role in delivering quality products and services.

Deming stated that 80-90% of the problems associated with the quality of the products were within the reach of the management’ s control. He went further to indicate that the quality of the products and services delivered by the company depends on the cultural change in the organization and employee/management cooperation in ensuring that high-quality products and services are provided. Deming developed various theories to address quality management, Deming’ s 14 points illustrate the complete philosophy of quality management and solution to be applied in any organization, for this case it will be Coca-Cola China.

The following are the 14 points and how they apply to Coca-Cola China in the food industry. Create constancy of purpose for improvement of product and service This is where Deming proposed that resources be allocated to various departments of the organization so as to provide for long-term objectives rather than short-term profitability. This will enable the group to become competitive and to stay in the business while creating job opportunities. Coca-Cola China has established a well-coordinated management system that has been able to put into practice the essence of constancy in its products and service delivery (Kotler, 2015, p 45).


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