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Department of Central Operations19 May 2008 Department of Central Operations To inculcate efficiency in modern organizations and institutions demands a highly specialized approach in all spheres and aspects of their functioning. The biggest challenge before the organizations in the 21st century is to deal with their human resources in a way that optimizes success. It is infact more of a balancing act where conflicting human aspirations need to be mixed to create a right blend so as to get accurate results. The desire for individual achievement and recognition is to be balanced with the need for teamwork and coordination.

Ingenuity and spontaneity have to be allowed while fulfilling the vital requirement for training and skill enhancement. Original thinking has to be accommodated while looking for the ways to enhance interpersonal communication. Respect for authority and discipline needs to be inculcated, but not at the risk of compromising on employee motivation and appreciation. Achievements have to be awarded, without encouraging the quest for selfish heroism and shallow ambition. Leadership has to exhibited without any deterioration into authoritarianism and hero worship.

Organizations and old work culture Pre World War II organizational set ups mostly adhered to a strict hierarchical chain of command where important decisions were taken by a few individuals at the top. The operational briefs were conveyed to the junior employees, with no scope for dissent. The staff members in such set ups mostly happened to be of a homogeneous ethnicity. Such a work culture encouraged hero worship. It was strongly believed that the fate of any mission depended on the grit and courage of a few exceptional individuals.

The rest of the staff members were considered to be mere pawns, which were willing to tow the line of a few self motivated personalities. Such a mindset is no more relevant in the contemporary scenario. The present age is the age of specialization where the success of any endeavour mostly relies on a close coordination and cooperation between a number of talented individuals with variegated skills and temperaments. The modern urban reality is to complex to be grasped by a single individual. A team approach brings in a conducive synergy into a group environment that enhances the overall impact of the individual talent of each of the team members.

Department of Central Operations The department of Central Operations was constituted in 1966, as a direct response to the brutal shooting of three plain clothes police officers by a gang of armed robbers (Introduction to CO19, 2008). Its initial responsibility was to train police officers in the use of firearms and safe tactics. However, with the passage of time, this department has evolved to be a full fledged armed wing that aids and helps the police officers in the London Metropolitan Police Area.

It is a highly specialized branch of the Metropolitan Police Services that offers a fire armed backed support to the unarmed police officers. The Department of Central Operations comprises of a select group of well trained and motivated police officers that specialize in dealing with all aspects of the criminal use of firearms.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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