Essays on Nike INC Products from a Design Perspective Case Study

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The paper 'Nike INC Products from a Design Perspective" is a good example of a marketing case study. NIKE, Inc. is a global brand that deals with designing, developing, marketing and selling unique lifestyle footwear, equipment, apparel and other accessories and services. NIKE, Inc. footwear products are designed for a wide market range, however; the company's products are primarily designed for specific athletic use. In line with this, a significant percentage of the company's footwear products are worn for leisure or casual purposes. NIKE brand has focused on its globally famous Jordan product which is categorized into seven specific groups; running, football, basketball, women’ s training, men's training, NIKE action sports and NIKE sportswear.

NIKE, Inc. also has footwear products designed for kids. NIKE also designs sports apparel used for athletics, other sports and other recreational they include; bags, sportswear, sports balls, bats, protective equipment eyewear, digital devices, golf clubs, and other equipment designed for sports activities. This paper, therefore, aims to review NIKE product design and its essence to the company. Introduction NIKE, Inc. , formed on September 8, 1969, with its significant operating segments being; North America, Central Europe, Western & Eastern Europe, Japan, Greater China, and other recently emerging Markets.

The Company boasts of various brand portfolios which entail; Jordan brand, NIKE Brand, Hurley and Converse. The company sales are conducted through its Internet Websites, Online stores and various independent distributors and licensees across the world (Engel, Holmberg and Sperlich). On the other hand, some of Nike Company's products are manufactured by independent contractors. NIKE, Inc also sells a range of performance accessories and equipment under the NIKE Brand. The Company's famous Jordan Brand designs, licenses and distributes casual, athletic footwear, accessories and apparel focused on basketball through the Jumpman trademark(Kreng and Wang 77-87).

NIKE’ s Hurley brand designs and distributes a wide range of youthful lifestyle apparel and action sports accessories to the Hurley trademark. The Converse company brand, designs, distributes and licenses casual sneakers, accessories and apparel under the Converse, All-Star, Chuck Taylor, One Star, Jack Purcell and Star Chevron trademarks(Frisch).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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