Essays on Branding and Distribution of Detachable Heels Assignment

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The paper "Branding and Distribution of Detachable Heels" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Branding and distributionA                       This detachable heel is in the introduction phase of its life cycle. Customers for this product in the market are very less. Competition is also very less because this is a brand new concept from Aldo Bensoudou. Obviously at this stage sales are going to be less. Risks are very high. Profit from this product will be nil. Lots of promotions are important at this stage of the product life cycle. The organization may face some problems related to the distribution of this product. B             The brand image of the new product will be very innovative and unique.

As this product is a very new concept so there is very little competition. It will have a very innovative brand image. People will feel very special about this product as the concept is brand new.   It will create a blue ocean for the company as there is no other as such competition as far as this product is concerned.

With the help of this product, a unique brand personality will be achieved. C                       Brand equity is a commercial value that can be gained from consumer perception about the brand name of a specific product or service (Kotler, 2008). Here in this case Aldo Bensoudou is a very highly reputed Canadian organization. It has a very high brand image in the market. The organization is in the market for the last 40 years. And the company is very much popular in worldwide. Detachable Heels shoe products certainly and very easily will get its needed brand equity from its parent organization which is, Aldo Bensoudou.

This name can easily gain commercial value for the product. D                       Customers around the world consider this brand as a premium brand. Uniqueness is also a perceived value that, this brand offers to its customers.   The high quality of the design is a very significant value that this brand is having against its entire competitor. It is significantly recognized as a very highly fashionable brand in comparison to its competitors. It has a very highly accepted competitive fashion image.

All through the show is less competitive in terms of comforts. But the brand is very highly considered as a product that generally takes care of the human foot. E                       The product will reach customers via different roots. It is very important to distribute the new product very professionally. Customers can get the new product from retail outlets. It will be available in branded Aldo shops (Wheeler, 2012). The new product can be purchased online also. Different e-commerce sites like Amazon and Alibaba online retail dealers will also sell this new product of Aldo.

Apart from these, the organization can sell the product with the help of any other supermarket store. It can create its own application for selling the new product. PricingA                       Penetration pricing strategy will be suitable for this new product. Customers' needs and competitors' pricing strategies are taken into the account. Customer needs will be high but as a very new product, so at first, the company should go for very less profit. The profit margin will be low.   In this way, the company can sell this product in high volume.

The economy of scale will earn profit for the company. The profit margin may be low but penetrating pricing will help the organization to increase the volume of sales. It will increase the revenue for Aldo Bensoudou out of this product. B             The distribution channel selected for this product will impact the pricing strategy immensely. If the distribution channel is very costly then the pricing strategy will be different but here for this product, distribution channels are very cost-effective. The company has its own exclusive stores where they can sell this product, it doesn’ t require any extra cost.

Online e-commerce is also very cost-effective. All the above-written distribution channels are very much cost-effective. It helps the organization to go for a penetration pricing strategy. C             The price will influence a buyer’ s perception greatly. Penetrating pricing strategy will give a clear idea about the new product (Smith, 2011). People will consider the product as an easily affordable product. People will think that the product is within the reach of all income people.

But as the brand name is Aldo Bensoudou, customers will have a sense of good quality from this product. Its pricing strategy will influence young people heavily. Generally, the disposable income of students and young people is very less so, this pricing strategy will influence them greatly. They will take this as a young and trendy fashionable product with reasonable pricing. D                       In the case of price-cutting from competitors, the organization needs to give stress on their brandings and promotions. It will need to highlight other uniqueness like customizations, brand image, and quality of the product.

The company may go for some extra benefits apart from low prices.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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