Essays on A Three-Day Orientation Workshop for New Volunteers of the Company A Heart Bound by Health Case Study

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The paper “ A Three-Day Orientation Workshop for New Volunteers of the Company A Heart Bound by Health” is a cogent version of a case study on management. Our organization; A Heart bound By Health, is a non-profit firm, which works to support children suffering from heart complications and sponsors children for cardiac management and treatment. Last year, the organization managed to sponsor 10 children with cardiac issues, of which eight of them received cardiac surgery for various heart problems. According to statistics, generally, heart disease is the leading killer in Australia.

Among children, more than 2000 live births suffer from congenital heart disease (CHD) at birth, with every 8/1000 live births being diagnosed with CHD. The commonest of these diseases include the great vessel transposition, (103 cases), pulmonary stenosis (134), atrial septal defect (402), patent ductal arteries (406) and ventricular septal defect (630) as per 2003 National Perinatal Data report. The cases continue rising and so there is a need to support these kids, and give them an opportunity to live healthily and relieve their parents of the hospital burden that comes with CHD management and treatment (AIHW, 2016).

To achieve, this, the organization with only three years since it was founded, has various sponsors and holds a one-year fundraising event; “ Run for Heart. ” The event is always organized in September, and this year it will be organized on 24th. Due to increased demand for various activities and to ensure successful service provision, the organization did recruit 30 volunteers last year, and this year it looks forth to recruit 60 volunteers to assist in various activities. The fact that this is a one-year occasional event the volunteers, who have worked with us gets a chance for re-recruitment, every time the event is held.

Further, the volunteers’ gets are a chance for exposure as the event is usually attended by various dignitaries within the country and outside, as well as various organizations likely to offer various work opportunities, and thus the event exposes the volunteer to work environment. The volunteers will get a chance to work on various sections especially those that are of passion to them. Giving back to society is another aspect and since most volunteers are within the community, they appreciate reaching out to their own communities and families which is motivating (NVPC, 2008 p4).

The organization has already recruited the expected number of volunteers and thus, this report compiles the orientation program workshop; a 3-day plan. Why orientationOrientation and training program is fundamental to an organization to equip the volunteers with abilities to execute their duties effectively and efficiently. The orientation program gives a notion of the volunteers’ significance to the organization. Well outlined volunteers’ tasks enable the organization’ s mission development to make them realize the significance of the tasks they will be executed regardless of how minimal they may appear.

Also, is good to treat the volunteers as part of the firm as a good gesture to commitment, and retention. In turn, this improves the services and work quality the organization offers (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Faith-Based and Community Initiative (SAMSHA), 2005 p3-1). By offering an orientation program to volunteers, the organization will meet one of the eight areas that are recommended by the national standards to be undertaken while choosing to involve volunteers in an organization.

The workshop will entail orientation of the volunteers to the program and the organization, training, and exposure to the expected activities on the fundraising event ahead.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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