Essays on Developing a Workplace-Learning Environment Assignment

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The paper "Developing a Workplace-Learning Environment" is a great example of an assignment on management. Employee training and development is prompted by job changes, organizational changes, and performance shortfalls (Cole 2013, p. 832). Name 4 general benefits from employee training and development Upgrading or updating technical skills to enhance organizational global competitiveness Improvement of employees’ to work together with others Attracting and retaining quality employees Improving productivity and employees’ morale (Cole 2013, p. 832) What strategies can be used to identify learning needs and determine learning opportunities According to Cole (2013, p. 832), there are several ways that help in the identification of learning needs.

They include a comparison of the current skills and desired knowledge, competencies, and performance of an individual or a team of employees. Any underperformance indicates the need for development and learning. Other strategies include: Assessment of employees’ profile, performance reviews, and business records Evaluation of the customer reaction and information such as quality measures and accident statistics Comparison of employees’ competencies and their job competency statement Performance comparison with in-house or industry benchmarks Consideration of the future plans of an organization Making employees fill special questionnaires and proficiency checklist Group meetings that allow the group to brainstorms its call for training Observation of employees’ performance Who can you consult with to identify training strategies?

When? How? Employees’ training is essential in any given organization as it helps employees to grow and develop their skills and knowledge. Training also increases the level of productivity in a company. Employees should be involved in identifying their learning and development needs. Several factors among them excessive absences, increased accident rates, increased errors, low productivity, excessive client complaints indicate the need for employee training. However, to determine the training strategies suitable for employees, Learning and Development specialists should be consulted.


Cole, K 2013, Management theory and Practice. Australia: Pearson.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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