Essays on A Digital Marketing Plan for Nutella UK Case Study

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The paper "A Digital Marketing Plan for Nutellа UK" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   The purpose of this digital marketing plan is to provide Nutella UK Company with guidance, directions and justified recommendations on how to develop a digital marketing plan that will enable the company to grow within the UK in the next twelve months. The implementation of the digital marketing plan will help the company in acquiring new more customers to their digital platforms, retaining the existing digital customer and raising awareness of their product within the UK online market.

The digital marketing plan considers the potential contribution of digital marketing concepts as well as activities to the future success of the organisation and their digital presence in the United Kingdom. The digital marketing plan focuses on Nutella UK Company which is a brand name of a hazelnut chocolate spread. It is manufactured by the Italian Company known as Ferrero and was introduced to the market in the year 1964. It is a product which is enjoyed for breakfast in approximately one hundred and fifty countries all over the world with more than forty years in the market.

In UK Nutella already has an online presence and requires a digital market plan that provides practical suggestions for planning the company’ s digital growth. This digital marketing plan is described in various sections including; the context analysis (Appendix 1), the summary of the context analysis, objectives, digital strategies, the digital marketing mix, the implementation plan, control, and measurement as well as conclusion. Summary of the Context Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths The organization already has a website online that can be accessed by consumers.

This is a big strength that the company holds since it has already established a customer base with the existing customers. Digital marketing will improve its popularity in the digital market. The organization also uses social media like Facebook, Youtube, Linked In and Twitter to interact with its customers. Having access to social media networks is a big advantage and strength for the organization since it is easy to interact with customers who present their views on the position of the company, quality of their products and services.

This gives a wake-up call for the organization to see areas that need to be improved to ensure that they remain competitive in the market. The organization also uses search engine marketing which is a good digital marketing strategy that improves the accessibility of the webpages of the company in the search results over the internet. Weaknesses The website of the organization do not have fast accessibility, the webpages are very slow to open. This is a weakness that needs to be worked to ensure that the webpages open fast when customers access them.

The products of the website of the organization are not integrated with Google Product Listing Ads so as to boost their online sales. The organization has not optimized the search results in search engine marketing since they use do not pay for the SEO that can make the search results of the company’ s webpages to have a high ranking. The online marketing of the company also does not use arts that may improve its authenticity to the audience.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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