Essays on Development in Oil and Gas Retail Industry Case Study

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The paper "Development in Oil and Gas Retail Industry" is an excellent example of a case study on business. The oil and gas production and consumption have been known to be crucial in the sustenance of economic growth in the industrialized world. The oil and gas industries have contended with a huge amount of uncertainty and risk thus making the organization's concern focus on the future with a view to succeed in both financial and operational perspectives. The energy industries must have lead times for new projects even in the face of struggling current global economy.

The oil and gas industry is a vital link in the national energy supply and contributes to the general economy (John, 1998). Deptford is located in Northern Gloucester County, New Jersey is founded in 1693. It has a thriving business community with state of the art youth facilities and numerous parks. It is one of the oldest settlements in Lewisham, the town is well known at the location of the historic Royal Dockyard whose establishment indeed brought fame and prosperity to Deptford for many centuries. The investment in the North Sea and gas industry has been at its highest for over the last 30 years.

According to the Oil and Gas UK 2013 activity survey, it showed that there were £ 11.4 billion investments in the UK’ s oil and gas sector in 2012 (Purvin and Gertz, 2008). Furthermore, the Oil & Gas UK has projected many prospects of large scale investments which will highlight the potential for the UK’ s offshore oil and gas sector to boost economic activity and at the same time contribute to the country’ s prosperity in the future times. The oil and gas industry in the UK had suffered from tax uncertainty and corresponding low investments, but nonetheless, the UK continental shelf has now benefited from the record investment in new development and utilization of existing infrastructure and assets.

The oil and gas retail industries in Deptford in London have benefited a lot in the recent introduction of targeted tax allowances that could promote the development of difficult projects.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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