Essays on Supply Chain Management for DHL Case Study

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The paper 'Supply Chain Management for DHL" is a good example of a management case study. Supply Chain Management (SCM) covers all aspects relating to project sourcing, procurements, and supply management. Since SCM views all business activities from procurement of raw materials to consumption, it is, therefore, important to consider external partners including the suppliers, customers, and distributors. Practitioners refer to them as the external supply chain whose responsibility is to ensure they are offering services, which in turn have a positive impact on the ultimate consumer. Since SCM encourages timely production of products, hence businesses ensuring their products are on the market fast are likely to increase their profit advantage.

As a result, the report focused on DHL that operates within the logistic industry and ensures the provision of delivery service through the air and the land. The main objective of the report was to analyze the SCM of the company, establish the major element of SCM used within the company, and assess the effectiveness. From the analysis, the report established that the supply chain of DHL majorly encompasses four elements including demand management, communication, integration, and collaboration. Supply Chain Management for DHL Introduction Supply Chain Management (SCM) entails all the activities taking place within an organization to ensure the resulting product meets the expectations of the consumers in the market.

It takes into consideration the quality of the product and ensures that the product reaches consumers at right time. Moreover, it ensures there is proper planning that focuses on the current and future position of the product in the market, consumer purchasing power, product assembly, movement of the product from production to consumption, and customer-related services.

Business entities with properly functioning SCM have practitioners who ensure that the entire process helps in creating a positive brand image in the market for sustainable competitive advantage.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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