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The paper "Mapping Consumer Digital Journey - Bing Lee" is a great example of a marketing case study. Established in 1957, Bing Lee is an Australian proprietary firm located in New South Wales and deals with the selling of electric goods as well as home appliances. Bing Lee has a chain of forty-one superstore across Australia and is considered to be the largest privately held company that deals with the retailing of electronics. Other than the 41 stores, Bing Lee has thirteen franchised stores and has a turnover of approximately $495 million.

Headquartered in Old Guildford, Bing Lee has over three thousand employees working in various departments. In order for the business to run smoothly, Bing Lee’ s operations are divided into different divisions. To begin with is the TV and Radio section, which handles gadgets such as home theatre systems, different types of DVD players and TV cabinets. The other section is the computer division which typically deals with different brands of desktops, laptops, notebooks, printers, computer accessories and toners. Further, the Home Appliances division deals with heaters, laundry equipment, air conditioners and kitchen appliances.

The Audio division deals with headphones, MP3 players, radios, iPods, speakers as well as other audio accessories. Bing Lee also has the Fitness Division, which handles different brands of weight systems, treadmills and cross-trainers. Under the music categories, the firm sells keyboard instruments, drums, headphones and guitars. The business also has the communication section that sells products such as communication accessories, cordless telephones, scanners and fax. The camcorders section, on the other hand, handles products such as digital photo frames, cameras and camcorders. Bing Lee further has the Navigation section that sells GPS navigation as well as its accessories.

The final division is the Personal Care department that handles foot spas, hairdryers, neck and seat massagers, hairdryers and electric shavers. Bing Lee targets both the middle and upper classes, who love advancing with technology in all dimensions. Bing Lee’ s consumer is luxurious and keeps up with the trend as he or she would want to buy digital equipment’ s and home appliances to make life easier and exciting. Moreover, the firm targets both small and big organizations, which often purchase office equipment.

As such, this report aims at mapping the consumer digital purchase journey with regard to Bing Lee online marketing presence. The report will further recommend the additional e-marketing tools that Bing Lee can use in order to improve online customer experiences. 2.0 Purchase Process With changing consumer behavior, Bing Lee recognizes that today's consumer’ s purchasing behavior is largely influenced by the internet. According to the company’ s C. E.O, Lionel Lee, today’ s consumers are globally connected due to the internet. As such, the consumers often use an ever-increasing range of touchpoints with the purpose of discovering, buying, engaging as well as exploring various brands.

Thus, stores call centers, social media, tablets and mobile devices influence the complex patterns that are depicted in the consumer purchasing process. As Seifi and Dalvi put it, the internet plays an integral part in the increasingly complex purchase journey. In effect, the consumer purchase process entails six significant stages: Need recognition, information search, product evaluation, product or service evaluation, product purchase, post-purchase behavior.


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