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The paper 'Hospitality Industry - HR Issues" is a good example of human resources coursework.   In this global world of Information Technology, every industry is facing a lot of competition and the “ survival of the fittest” rule is applied everywhere. As the trend of downsizing got popular few years back, organizations realized that they did not only lessen their costs but also lost their good employees in this process. So hiring new and skilled employees is a challenge for employees and especially in the Hospitality Industry, which requires not only qualified personnel but also the ones who have a natural talent in them.

Below we discuss a few challenges faced by the Hospitality Industry to attract and retain employees in the market. Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in the world, which shares worth 3.5 trillion dollar service sector in the world economy. The term “ Hospitality Industry” is used to cover all the industries, which provides services to customers, such as hotels, food service, casinos and tourism etc. so it is clear that the Hospitality industry is very diverse in nature and it is global, which means that it is important for every country of the world and is equally famous all over the globe.

The Hospitality industry is gaining new heights with the passage of time and heavy investments are being made in it, however, this also calls for the better quality, as the competition is getting tougher and tougher. The one who provides the best services will definitely get more customers. The Hospitality Industry is cyclical, which means that it is highly affected by political and social factors.

If a country is facing security problems, then definitely it will witness the decline in its Hospitality Industry, it goes with the fluctuations in the economy. Jobs in the Hospitality Industry As the industry is growing rapidly, new jobs are being generated and in the same way, job seekers are facing tough competition in the job market. There are a number of schools and colleges offering different courses for the people who are interested in making their way in Hospitality Industry, although, the criteria for entering a job in Hospitality Industry is quite informal, these days formal education is available for this purpose.

People are not asked to show their higher education degrees for jobs but management, design and culinary jobs often need formal degrees from college or business schools. Different schools offer programs and training for the Hospitality Industry. Jobs are mainly in hotels, either residential or public houses, motels, resorts, nightclubs, restaurants, fast food corners and sanitarium. There are also in travel agencies, as travel agents and in airlines as Airline Cabin Staff.


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