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The paper "Marketing Strategy - Air Bus" is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting assignment. Marketing strategies is a process by which a company or an organization concentrates its limited resources on the opportunities available with the aim of maximizing profit and other benefits thereby sustaining competitive advantage. The company concentrates on customer satisfaction in order to sustain already acquired customers and attract more. The pricing, distribution and promotion strategies adopted have a great impact on the success of the company. It is through the marketing strategy that the target market and resource allocation are determined.

According to Keith (1994), there is a need to line the company’ s marketing strategy with the company’ s mission statement. AirBus: Background Information Airbus is a company dealing with the transportation of Europeans. It began as a result of a need expressed by the air forces in the European countries. It provides employment for a very large number of people. It serves countries such as France, Germany, Spain and China as the areas where the final assembly of their production takes place. The company has been progressing day by day with the sales continuing to increase.

However, the company did not pick immediately it was formed. Its success has taken determination and a change in the approach strategies for marketing and management. After the consultations through which it was founded, it did not attract customers in the first 18 years. According to Herman (1965), this could have been due to overestimation and poor marketing strategies. The existence of Airbus can be traced back to the invention of jets. The first largest airplane was A380.

It was discovered that the airplane had excessive condensation and cabin temperatures were varying and hence required tweaks to the ventilation system. The goal of coming up with such an airplane was to fly more persons far more comfortably than the ageing Boeing 747. The development of the Airbus is as follows: (Del, 1996)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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