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The paper "Analysis of Business Website and Its Importance" is an outstanding example of business coursework.   The Internet has gained much popularity and has become an effective tool for marketing in the world today. More than two million individuals become new internet users every month while more than half of the world’ s population is now on-line. The website is, therefore, an effective means in which business can promote their sales by enhancing their client base as well as retaining the clients. This report analyzes a business website by describing its components and the importance it has to business organizations.

It outlines, in brief, the five major components of a business website and also explains the advantages of a professional website to the firm. Introduction Business Website To understand the meaning of a business website clearly, the term website must first be understood. A website is a compilation of web pages which may range from a few web pages to millions of pages, published as a single interconnected system. The web site can be accessed locally and internationally and it’ s a media that is used in transfer and collection of information and ideas (Business Software Alliance, 2001). Business web site A website is a means or a way to enlighten the world of the existence and the benefits of goods or services produced by a firm.

Just like a business card, a website is the first thing people see and it creates the impression of a business in them. A website establishes in people public trust about business and outlines the objectives of the firm as well as a means of reaching the top management. It introduces the business to new customers all over the world by opening up to the people.

Firms that deal with goods that do not require shipping must have appropriate websites to market their businesses (Business Software Alliance, 2001). Components of a business website Some of the main components of a business website include OPT-In Box, Who you are, What you do, and Sticky content and contact information. These are not the only components of a complete business website as other items including solid graphic design, proper usability and ease of navigation are required. Other important features include design, copy and code of the business website which should be created using principles of search engine optimization (Smith, 2001).

The major components however are: Opt-In Box The opt-in box should be created in such a way that it captures the visitors’ details because this is one of the most important marketing tools available on the Internet at the moment. An opt-in box is a place where visitors enter their identification information which includes their name and e-mail address. Some opt-in box may only require an e-mail address which is not enough information about the visitor.

Once the contacts are availed, the firm can begin establishing a relationship with their subscribers with consistency. This is a very important marketing strategy for the organization (Smith, 2001). Who you are It is very important to win the trust of potential clients and customers in case a business firm is dealing with the trade of goods and services. To win the trust, it is necessary for the firm to share information about the company, which may include when it started, its objectives and its top managers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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