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Essays on ECO TRAVEL Agency - Employee Functions, Business Location, Challenges of the Target Market, Future Management Plans, and Marketing Techniques Case Study

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The paper “ ECO TRAVEL Agency – Employee Functions, Business Location, Challenges of the Target Market, Future Management Plans, and Marketing Techniques” is a convincing example of a case study on business. ECO TRAVEL agency provides all its clients with quality, unique and transformational travel arrangements of a world-class nature that are highly personalized and tailor-made to suit the travel needs of people touring the beautiful continent/ country that is Australia leading to an improved understanding and appreciation of our country’ s culture and people. Mission statementECO TRAVEL agency is a world-class travel and tour agency that strives to provide the leading premier travel and tour related services to corporate and individual clientele by providing them with innovative travel and tour options that meet all business and leisure travel needs.

ECO TRAVEL places an emphasis on providing the clientele with customized tour arrangements and attractive packages as per the client’ s travel reservations. ECO TRAVEL agency strives for practical and creative approaches as well as opportunities to make the Australian tourism sector more appealing, and accommodating to first-time visitors and also repeat tourists.

Our continually updated knowledge of the tour and travel industry in Australia plus our skills in the newly emerging travel tools and products make us a force to be reckoned with as we leave all our clients fully satisfied ensuring a recommendation of our agency to colleagues, friends, and family wishing to travel and tour Australia Employees and their functionsECO TRAVEL agency has a number of professionals who come highly skilled and recommended owing to their formal training in the best colleges and higher learning institutions specializing in the tour and travel field.

All these employees have superb computer skills and brilliant communication skills essential for serving the agency’ s clientele that include: Travel agents/ guides and escorts – the travel agents have all received formal and specific training and they come highly experienced in specific areas that include foreign languages, world history, and culture, marketing, sales, geography, ticketing and reservations procedures, and marketing. They also possess additional skills like detail to accuracy and organization of travel itineraries and plans. ECO TRAVEL’ s travel agents work on developing and promoting its corporate image and selling its tour packages and services.

They have a wide knowledge of Australia’ s regions and serene destinations. Receptionists/ reservation clerks – ECO TRAVEL agency has the most qualified front office personnel. They are responsible for managing the agency’ s switchboard by receiving and responding to incoming phone calls and transferring them to the relevant staff and responding to routine inquiries being placed to the agency. The agency receptionists also make hotel reservations for the travelers and process requests to purchase travel tickets and ensure that travel arrangements are done professionally and that the clientele gets the best value for their money. Tour operators and tour guides – the tour operators provide cultural and historical information and interpret Australia’ s heritage, and provide additional assistance to the clientele by taking them round to areas that are of significant interest to them such as historical sites and other establishments.

ECO TRAVEL’ s tour guides are well versed in foreign languages as they may have to interpret the culture and heritage in specific foreign languages as requested by the clientele. They also have the appropriate tour guide qualifications. Drivers – our drivers are well qualified and have experience of at least 5 years driving.

They know Melbourne’ s major sights and other prominent places all equipping the tour guides with major sightseeing experiences. Their main expertise areas range from defensive driving, and bush driving as well as basic driving. All drivers have comprehensive safety driving skills and are well equipped with first aid skills.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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