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Your full full February 15, Effectiveness of Social Networking in Finding Jobs The Background Unemployment is one of the major issues being faced by almost every country. The rate of unemployment is increasing because of poor economic conditions surrounding the world. In such circumstances, finding a job is not an easy task for any individual. People try different channels, such as, newspapers, companies’ notice boards, and internet websites to find job opportunities. However, use of all of these channels is not able to provide jobs to all people although these channels have been the main ways to get proper jobs for a long time.

Therefore, it is the need of today for people to use some more ways to increase their chances of employment. Proposed Solution The proposed solution for the above-mentioned problem is to spread the use of social networking websites in finding jobs. In this regard, both companies and mangers of social networking websites need to play the key role by promoting the use of such websites in posting and finding jobs. This solution will open more ways for people to look for new jobs.

Social networking websites have proved very beneficial in keeping people up to date with on going matters of life. For example, they can interact with each other and can talk on every other issue. They can even talk about jobs, post jobs, and find right employments using the ads given on these websites. Methodology The researcher will use a wide range of primary and secondary sources to determine the effectiveness of social networking websites in finding right jobs. The researcher will also interview some employed and unemployed people to know their viewpoints regarding the channels and their effectiveness that they might have used for finding jobs.

Moreover, a wide range of scholarly sources will be consulted to explore the impact of social networking on requirement. The researcher will collect data and statistics and will organize them in charts and tables. The whole research will take around one month. Audience for the Report The intended audience for this report will be the managers of social networking websites, labor force, and HR managers of companies. The managers of social networking companies will have to create such platforms in their websites using which companies can post jobs and people can apply to those posts.

Similarly, companies should also post their jobs to such website to make more people aware of available vacancies. Moreover, the Editorial Board of Telematics and Informatics will also be my audience. Telematics and Informatics is a journal for people in the field of information technology and business communication. It is also an interdisciplinary journal which publish articles on the social impacts of new technologies. Request for Approval I would like to request the authorities to accept my thesis proposal and let me write this analytical report on the effectiveness of social networking websites in finding jobs. Working Bibliography (Some sources to be used in research) De Janasz, Suzanne, and Monica Forret.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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