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Employment Forms Exempla Healthcare consists of three hospitals, which include Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center, Saint Joseph Hospital, and Lutheran Medical Center. The job opening was for a medical technologist and had been posted on the organization’s website. The location of the job was stated as Lafayette, Colorado. An online application was made, after which the application was printed as shown below. Form 1: Exempla Healthcare (Lafayette, Colorado). PERSONAL INFORMATION First Name: WILLIAM Middle Initial: J Last Name: FARELL Suffix:   Address: 102 City: Denver State: CO Zip: 579182341 CONTACT INFORMATION Email: joneswill21@gmail. com Home Phone: (706) 212 - 2534 Business Phone: Alternate Phone: (706) 212 - 2532  ext: 72 Referral Source: Internet Source Detail: ConnectingColorado. com PRIOR EMPLOYMENT & APPLICATIONS Have you ever been employed by FADV? No Start Date: -- / ---- End Date: -- / ---- Have you applied here before? No Date Applied: -- / ---- GENERAL EMPLOYMENT INFO Areas of Expertise:   Lab Technology Professional Description:   Desired Salary:   $750 Date you are available to start work: 10 / 31 / 2011 Type of Job:  Part-Time Preferred Shift: Rotating     Days not able to work: Sunday Current Exempla employees who apply for positions do not need to obtain the approval of their current manager before applying.

However, employees are required to inform their current manager at the time an interview for a new position is scheduled. Failure to do so could invalidate your application or result in rescinding your job offer. Do you understand this requirement? Yes EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Company Name: Euler Labs Position/Title: Lab Technician From Date: 05 / 03 / 2011 To Date: 10 / 06 / 2011 Address:  231 City: Denver State: CO Manager Name: James Dean Manager Phone: (706) 213 - 2341  ext: 23 Job Duties: Preparation of specimens following detailed manual tests and overseeing of automated analysis tests. Reason For Leaving: Education Progression Beginning Salary:  $500 Ending Salary:  $500 May we contact this employer? Yes Gap Explanation:     EDUCATION School Name: University of Colorado Level: Bachelors Degree Completed:  In Progress City: Denver State: CO Degree: Bachelors   PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES Name: James Dean Title: Manager Company: Euler Labs Email Address:  jdean@hotmail. com Relationship: Professional Phone: (706) 213 - 2341  ext: 23   Name: Rose Bushnell Title: Dean of Students Company: University of Delaware Email Address:  roseb94@delaware. edu Relationship: Personal Phone: (707) 234 - 5675  ext: 004   Name: Rachael Winans Title: Customer Representative Company: Delloite Email Address:  winans. rachael@yahoo. com Relationship: Personal Phone: (708) 234 - 5678  ext: 72 RESUME William J.

Farell 102 Jefferson County Colorado Cell: 706 212 2534 Email: joneswill21@gmail. com Personal Statement I am a dynamic, confident, creative, focused, dedicated, open-minded and result-oriented person willing to succeed exceptionally in all I do. I have advanced interpersonal skills, ability and will of working in a multicultural environment, and the capability of fitting in any focused team. Education Qualifications Course/qualification Dates from and to Education institution Grade B. Sc.

Medical Technology Aug 2008- April 2012 University of Colorado Expected Skills Acquired Critical thinking and problem solving skills and report writing. Capability to multi task and work under pressure. Employment History Job title Dates from and to Institution Lab Technician (Intern) March 2011 – June 2011 Euler Laboratories Duties Diagnostic collection of test samples from various species, which included mice and pigs Processing of blood samples for an outside laboratory Tracking progress and recording results in response to outbreak of disease Ensuring standard procedures for tests Maintaining records of controlled substances (Source: Exempla Healthcare) Avalon Health Care Inc.

is a fully fledged organization that specializes in the provision of healthcare services. It is based at Salt Lake City in Utah. The job opening, as had been posted on the organization’s website, was specifically for a corporate-clinical programs and education specialist.

However, unlike the application for Exempla, prior registration was required before applying for the job, which involved submission of the resume before the actual application. After application, the duly filled employment form below was obtained. Form 2: Avalon Health Care (Salt Lake City, Utah). Employer Information Application Details Job Applicant Title: Corporate Clinical Programs and Education Specialist Title: Clinical Technologist  Location: Salt Lake City, UT USA  Location: Denver, CO  Employer: Avalon Health Care  Candidate: Mr. William Farell [Edit] Cover Letter 103 Jefferson County, Colorado. October 11, 2011 Human Resources Manager, Avalon Health Care Utah – Salt Lake City. Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Application for the Position of Corporate Clinical Programs and Education Specialist My versatility and quick learning abilities makes me an ideal candidate for the above position.

Essentially, I will seek to add value into your firm. This affirms my belief that my experience, skills, education and the ambition will make me an asset to Avalon Health Care. It is with this in mind that I apply for the above job opportunity in your organization. I anticipate working with you, and I am confident that I can effectively cope with the challenges posed by this job.

Thank you for taking your time and for the consideration. Sincerely, William Farell [Edit] Contact Information Mr. William Farell 102 Denver, CO 2341 USA joneswill21@gmail. com [Edit] Career Information Career Job Title: Clinical Technologist Employment Type: Part Time Education Completed: 2 Year Degree Desired Salary: $12,000/yr Relocation: Yes Entry-level Positions: Yes Willingness to Travel: 100% Student: Yes Internships: Yes Career Categories:  Physician Assistant [Edit] Eligibility Work Status: I am authorized to work in the US for any employer. [Edit] Related Job Skills Skill Rank Years Wound Care Light 3 RNAC Light 3 Clinical Teaching Strong 4 Supervisory Skills Strong 5 [Edit] Attached Documents Resume. doc Uploaded: 10/11/2011 07:27 AM (0 days ago) Size: 26.5 KB (Source: Avalon Health Care Inc. ) Works Cited Avalon Health Care Inc. Avalon Healthcare Careers.

n. p, n. d. Web. 11 October 2011. Exempla Healthcare. Nursing Allied Health Healthcare Careers. n.p. , n. d. Web. 11 October 2011.

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