Essays on The Installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras in the Mall Case Study

The paper "The Installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras in the Mall" is a perfect example of a case study on management. The recipient of this report is the owner of a big shopping mall in the Because of the growing incidence of crime in the area, especially in public places, one is recommending that a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) be installed in the mall. 

The installation of CCTVs will deter the presence of criminal elements in the mall. It will increase the safety and security of the shoppers and establishments in the mall.
Support from the various departments of the mall is necessary to make this project viable and successful. The security department of the mall must be supportive of this project. The cooperation of the electrical and engineering departments is also necessary to implement the project. The funding for the project must be decided upon by the management of the mall. A data controller should be designated to limit the use of the data captured in the cameras for the specific purpose it was installed (CCTV surveillance cameras, n.d.).
A survey can be conducted among the establishments and visitors of the mall regarding their opinions about installing CCTVs in the mall. The management of the mall may also conduct interviews among the establishment owners to determine the acceptability of the project. Another method that must be undertaken is to canvass various suppliers of CCTVs and determine what system/brand would be applicable to the mall and what the most cost-effective system is.
The factors that will be considered in making the recommendation is the incidence of crime in the mall and what locations in the mall are often venues for crimes. The places where the CCTVs will be installed should also be discussed. It is recommended that entry and exit points be the primary areas that will be covered by the cameras. With regards to the system/brand that will be installed in the mall, the factors that will be considered are the cost, the quality, reliability and after-sales service.

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