Essays on Enterprise System Management And ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) For Shell Essay

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@2010Information TechnologyIntroductionAt shell, IT is an essential element to the success of the company as it has a role in everything that is done at Shell. The IT teams within the company offer strategic solutions to Shell business in all its business outlets irrespective of if they are developing custom applications or delivering effective technology services. Within Shell Company, the IT strategies are involved in implementation of international projects all over the world, for instance SAP, offering of consultancy within IT strategy, business performance enhancement, application development, the management of supply chain in addition to strategy support.

Moreover, the IT has enabled Shell Company to take part in pre-sale activities, for instance in development of proposals and performance of business analysis and also making sure there is sound technical development and implementation of the chief IT applications (Friedmann 2004). With technology, Shell Company has been able to scan the eternal business environment easily in order to gather information that has been useful in decision making regarding the allocation of the resources in a manner that has been reaching the societal standards and has enabled the employees, administrators as well as the clients to make maximum use of the available resources.

With technology, easy and fast communication of information has been enabled and also it is has been possible to share and make decisions fast. With the internet use, Shell company has been able to benchmark form other organizations strategies that have been useful in enabling the company to reach its objectives (Panepinto 1999). Remaining competitive is what made Shell company to rethinking about its strategies and discovered that in order to remain competitive the company had to develop and apply a strategy that was based on technology in addition to multidisciplinary dynamics.

The company hence targeted at improving internal communications, integration of information systems and simplifying technological procedures. These are what stimulated improvements within overall performance of the company through integration of information systems to internal stricture change (Jenner, 1992). Information technology has also been a key element in the turn around at Shell Company. The layers of redundant middle management have been done away with and this has increased efficiency and has improved client service radically.

This has been achieved because of the technology which was executed in the company’s revised and centralized practices (Pugmire 2005). All the client customer service functions were consolidated into one national client’s service where the clients could be given up to the small information regarding their shipments and Shell’s plans. The success of Shell in implementing such technology together with other accompanying changes, including formal and informal enabled Shell to make a remarkable turnaround (Main 1998). With the emerging technology Shell’s employees have been able to work independently.

This is as a result of each and every employee being able to have access to information. Moreover, this has made it possible for the company’s employees to be able to work anywhere to perform their duties. The IT within Shell has provided an opportunity for the workers to be able to access information they require at any place, anytime or anywhere. Consequently, the employees have got enormous independence and hence this has left the company with a lot of supervisory implications which means the employees have to be managed accordingly.

The tasks within the company have turned out to be more goal oriented and thus the measures of the job performance are no longer dependent on face to face interactions but have remained tied to the ability accomplish and complete the assigned tasks (Fleck 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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