Essays on Are Entrepreneurs Born, or Can Learning Make an Entrepreneur Assignment

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The paper “ Are Entrepreneurs Born, or Can Learning Make an Entrepreneur? ” is an impressive variant of the assignment on business. Australia is considered a country that understands and utilizes technological advancement. The government has implemented technological and innovation polices for Small and medium-sized enterprises to enable them to upgrade in their value chain and operations (Amsden and Chu, 2003). The Australian government is committed to helping in the growth and development of SMEs. One important enterprise, small firms, and innovation policy implemented in Australia is the Demand-side technology policy.

This paper will discuss the enterprise, small firms, and innovation policy implemented in Australia and its effects on SMEs. Demand-Side Technology PolicyInnovative products and services are important in increasing the competitiveness, growth, and development of enterprises (OECD, 2002). Many small enterprises in Australia are known for their innovative product, services, and processes. Demands-side policy in Australia is aimed at creating markets for products and services developed by SMEs. One important element of Demand-size policy is public procurement (Australian Government, 2014). The Australian government often procures products and services from SMEs that meet the conditions indicated like delivering of products that adhere to the environmental sustainability regulation or those that function better than existing products etc. In addition, the government also offers the first market for innovative products and services of SMEs (OECD, 2002).

Public procurement offers the first business opportunity for SMEs with innovative goods and services. Moreover, demand-side technology policy allows the government to encourage the private market to accept innovative products from SMEs through several mechanisms such as labeling and offering tax incentives for buyers of innovative products (Australian Government, 2014). The government in Australia supports labeling campaigns on innovative products that are environmentally and socially sustainable.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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