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The paper "Environmental Market Analysis of Arsenal FC" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   This document does an environmental market analysis of Arsenal FC Club, owned by Arsenal plc. The market analysis is done in two distinct categories of macro and micro environmental analysis levels. The various factors under each category are discussed and applied to the context of Arsenal Football Club FC. Towards the end of the document, a competitor analysis is done based on a review of various marketing concepts including Porter’ s factors of competing forces and applied in a general sense to the SWOT analysis of four major competing football clubs in English Premier League including Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, and Chelsea FC, all of which are located in England.

In conclusion and recommendations, it is concluded that Arsenal FC club has a good cash flow relation as it does not operate on debts and has talented players. However, it is noted that Arsenal FC club should expand its recruitment base to include players from India and the United States to further improve efficiency. Environmental Market Analysis- Arsenal F. C Introduction- Arsenal F. C Club Arsenal F. C is one of the oldest well-known professional football clubs in England.

Arsenal Holdings plc is Arsenal’ s parent company, which operates as a non-quoted public limited company. Approximately sixty-two thousand, two hundred and seventeen (62, 217) shares in Arsenal F. C have been issued and are not traded on a public exchange such as the Financial Times and Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 Index. This club was first founded in 1886, in addition to being the only football club to have hanged about in the top English League ever since World War I.

Since then, based at its prominent north London, old ground in Highbury, the club has taken pleasure in many periods of noteworthy success, although the most current era has in all probability been the generally celebrated in its entire history. This essay, therefore, does an environmental marketing analysis of Arsenal F. C in order to identify the various challenges, advantages and strategies that can help make it a better club. Arsenal F. C Club, ‘ the Gunners’ http: //www. arsenalsite. com/huge_club_badge-arsenal_fc_photos-igfpo-7106116.htm External Environment- PEST Arsenal F. C Club In business definitions, an external marketing environment or macro elements refers to the social, technological, legal, economic, political, and environmental (competitive and demographic variables) that surround an organisation (Song et al. , 2005). Social Factors These are items that can affect or direct the lifestyle of individuals (Song et al. , 2005).

Arsenal F. C can be affected in a positive way by issues such as improved standards of living as personalities currently earn reasonable salaries, the inspirations that young adults, adults and the aged have gotten from football, and the high preference for leisure that football fanatics have over other games (Song et al. , 2005).

With improved wages, high preference on football entertainment and soccer inspirations amongst Arsenal F. C followers, more games and goodwill be watched and received respectively by the club. Political Factors In a political aspect, there are both threats and opportunities to the club (Song et al. , 2005). Threats include the stringent laws of employment that governments implement amongst football players and the imposition of high taxes by the government. Stringent employment laws and high taxes imposition would result in players from other countries, which Arsen Wenger prefers, being denied work permits and wages of football fanatics being reduced respectively to the extent of reducing the money they have for leisure (Song et al. , 2005) thus restrictive employment of players.


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