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The paper 'Mass Explosion at West Fertilizer Company" is a good example of a management case study. On April 17th, 2013, there was a mass explosion at a fertilizer storage and distribution company in West. The explosion was mostly cost by the ammonium nitrate. Around 12 firefighters were injured in the process and two members of the public also got fatal injuries with several hundreds of scored. The accident which occurred bunt over 150 other houses. An investigation agency indicated that the fire was a result of ammonium nitrate and it was deliberate from the management or employees.

If everything were done well and as per the code of conduct, this would have not happened. The company background shows that it was involved in the business of supplying chemicals and fertilizer to farmers. The investigation shows that the plat met all the requirements of the occupational safety and health administration as per the 1985 inspection and from then there was no other inspection that had been carried out again. The documents further show that the safety measures of the company had been forwarded to the department of the inspectorate to consider and close the company as it was not good for people to work in the area and the complaint was launched in the year 2006.

The investigation further reveals that the management failed to obtain the permit for the two storage tanks and implemented these without authority knowledge. The facility caught fire on the evening of Wednesday 17th April 2013 and several casualties were recorded with the firefighters able to assist if any very little. Management style in the organization From the investigation results, there are some important points concerning management styles that can be drawn from the fire incidence in the company.

First, the preliminary investigation shows that the fire was not an accident as such since it was intentional means it was as a result of planned activities or inside jobs (Han et al. , 2015). What might cause intentional fire outbreak in an organization may be a result of employee’ s frustration with the management or miscommunication which results from management and the employees. The response of the fire was also poor indicating further that there was poor communication revolving around the incident (Han et al. , 2015). It seems that there was poor cohesion within the organization resulting from a communication breakdown.

Better group cohesion through communication is very important since when there is better cohesion among group members, the conflict will be minimal and when members communicate freely, it helps to resolve the conflict since they can freely discuss the problem which affects them within themselves (Neves, Pedro, and Robert 2012). Lack of this communication and group cohesion are some of the factors that contributed to the burning down of the fertilizer firm. Lack of information among the employees might also be a factor that contributed to the burning of the company.

It is important to acknowledge the challenge then create information awareness is very important in such circumstances and this will help to understand the challenge. In addressing the challenge, it is very important to understand the problem and the cause of the problem since addressing the cause will help in resolving the problem (Han et al. , 2015).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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