Essays on How Office Depot Create Value for Its Customers Assignment

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The paper "How Office Depot Create Value for Its Customers" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. Office Depot creates value for its customers in various ways, which includes: There is the provision for delivery services. There is the provision of customer care services through which customers can have their issues addressed. There are customer advising and better interaction. Getting to know the particular needs for the customers and offering them discounts. Free servicing of materials delivered. Question Two Identify the four broad target markets that Office Depot serves. [2 marks] The four major target markets served by Office Depot include organizations that need office supplies and pieces of equipment, offices and even homes and insurance companies. Are Steve and Dana the ‘ right’ customers for Office Depot?

Justify your answer. [1 mark] From the issue presented here, it will be agreed that Dana and Steve are not the right customers for Office Depot. This is because it is mentioned that they had been receiving supplies before from Office Depot when sometimes the person delivering them may as well leave them at the doorstep. Because of this single fact, it can not be refuted whether they are ‘ right’ customers for Office Depot (Herbett & Peter, 2009).

For this single fact that they have not been receiving the best services from Office Depot, it makes them not ‘ right’ customers since they would deserve better services. What is THE critical element that went wrong with Steve’ s order? [2 marks] With Steve’ s order, two major critical elements went wrong. The first one concerns the manner in which the delivery is carried out, the delay in which the delivery is executed contrary to what was indicated on their website.

The depot, therefore, has not been providing appropriate services. Question Three What customer satisfaction problems do you see in the case? Answer this by addressing the following two aspects: From this case, there are a number of customer satisfaction problems that can be highlighted: Product delivery; The major problems seen with the delivery of the product is that the person delivering the product is quite ignorant and do not give the clients the appropriate services. There is also the issue of language barrier which may not be welcome whenever delivering products to the customers. There are faulty tracks that consume most of Dana’ s time in trying to call for the track to be rolled away. Steve reporting the situation to Office Depot.

(10 marks) The next issue here is on the way Steve is served when trying to report his issue. It occurs that there were no personnel to handle his issue as a client of the customer to the company. This means that there are quite a number of customer satisfaction problems that can be seen in the case. The issue here is that there were over ten repeated automated reply messages that he continued to get from the customer care in the company.

This had wasted his valuable time but he had to hold on since he needed to have a number of things addressed. The indication here is that the company had no appropriate measures in ensuring that the customers are not kept waiting for long. The other thing is that, once his phone was picked up by the customer care personnel by the name Iris, it was not quite sure whether he was going to forward the complaint so that the necessary measures can be taken in ensuring there is the necessary customer satisfaction (Pearce, 2006).

Basically, the major issues he wanted to be addressed were to do with customer relationship management, customer lifetime value, customer equity, and customer value.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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